It’s that time of the year…

Ah, August. August for me is met every year with a tiny bit of trepidation. My birthday falls near the end of the month (August 25th), and a few days later, the school year starts for our household. This is a time of enjoying the last clinging moments of summer, and a time of preparation for school and the upcoming holidays. Around this time of year my household gets extremely chaotic—and to add to that this year, we’re in the process of trying to move. (FINALLY).

This means that we’re spring cleaning the house, throwing out 11 years worth of clutter, scrubbing things down, boxing stuff up to be given to charity, and packing the rest for the upcoming move. We’re preparing for school during the week (since we home school) and cleaning, and then on the weekends we’re running household errands and meeting with realtors. As you might imagine, it’s hectic.

What does this mean for my reading? It means things slow down a bit. There will be reviews, but they will be more sporadic than normal until everything gets settled and back on routine. There will be weeks when there are no reviews, one review, two reviews… it’s hard to say. That being said, I will be endeavoring to continue to read when I can and to continue with regularly scheduled Free Fiction Fridays every week. I’ll be posting small updates to twitter as things change, so keep an eye on the feed for updates!