Book Review: Curious Creatures

review-cover-curious creaturesTitle: Curious Creatures: A Coloring Book Adventure

Author/Artist: Millie Marotta

Genre: Adult, Coloring Book

Rating: 5 Stars



This is a coloring book geared towards adults. In her latest book, Millie brings you her own choice of remarkable and fascinating animals to color in. From the adorable macaroni penguin to majestic flying fish, from weedy sea dragons to sleepy sloths. Meet Millie’s curious creatures.


This is not my normal review—I so rarely venture outside the fiction, or at least narrative categories, and this definitely doesn’t fit into either of those. Curious Creatures by Millie Marotta is a delightful adult coloring book that my family bought for me and hid in my X-Mas stocking—and I couldn’t be more delighted with it.


The book is filled with large, intricate representations of animals, both from on land and in the sea, made up of dazzling patterns, flowers, and other organic shapes. The designs are gorgeous, and even uncolored, extraordinarily beautiful. A few of the pages are even left less patterned so you can make up your own designs.

Adult coloring books like this are meant to be geared towards people who not only enjoy the creativity of coloring but also as a relaxing meditation of sorts.

My only complaint what so ever about this beautiful coloring book is that the patterns are very small, and if you have any form or arthritis, you will find it extremely painful to color (even my hand got tired after awhile) so you’ll definitely want to work in short bursts. I would recommend picking up a nice set of colored pencils to work with, as the designs are generally too small to color with a crayon or larger coloring implement. If you’re looking for an adult coloring book to pick up in order to relax or just to do something creative, I’d recommend picking up one of Millie Marotta’s coloring books.

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