Book Review: Shadow

review-cover-shadowTitle: Shadow

Author: Heather West

Genre: Contemporary, Urban, Romance, Erotica

Rating: 3 Stars (3.5)



He seems to hate me but I have no idea why.

Or am I mistaking hate for something else?

If only I could remember him. Or anything, really.

Within that perfectly chiseled body, his insides are black—he’s rotten underneath. He’s dangerous, dark, and yet somewhere deep inside myself I know what it feels like to scream his name.

I catch him staring and he pulls away like I’m the poisonous one. He’s a killer. I know it. He lives to harm others. I’m sure those rugged, strong hands have squeezed the life out of many. And yet I still want them on my body.
And he wants it too.

But this is madness. My life is in shambles and adding him to the mix with his murder and mayhem will only make it worse.
So why am I living for the moment I’ll scream his name again?

I don’t have room in my life for her bulls***.

But there she goes again, playing the little wounded bird, always needing me to swoop in and save her.

She says she can’t remember what made her shut me out—she can’t remember anything at all. But I see that familiar look in her eyes like she knows how good we made each other feel.

I’m the fool who falls for it again and again. For a wounded bird, she’s got her claws in me deep.

And that’s exactly how I want it. She might not be able to recall her sleek legs wrapped all around me, her perfect ass perched on the bars of my motorcycle in the moonlight, but I’ll never forget it.

This time I’ll keep my guard up. I’ve got bigger things to worry about than Sky taking flight once more. She can’t break my heart again if I don’t give it up.

As if I ever got it back from her the last time.


Honestly, I’m a little up in the air on this particular book. I thought it was going to be a bad boy romance, but it ended up almost being more of an erotica—which is fine if that’s what you’re expecting and what you’re looking for—but it wasn’t what I thought I had when I opened it.

Technically speaking, the book was pretty well written. There were a few problems with word choice and a typo or two, but nothing too distracting or that broke my immersion in the story. I’ve certainly seen a lot worse in the genre—so I tip my hat to the editor. The pacing was steady, the narrative flowed fairly well, and the characters had distinct voices with which they narrated their story.

The sometimes steamy and even raunchy sex scenes fit the characters, and though they sometimes felt like they came out of left field, they mostly fit into the story. It took some getting used to at first to get comfortable with the differences between the language and tone of the sex scenes vs the normal narrative—but I did get used to it eventually.

The premise for the book was interesting though riddled with a handful of plot holes. It was a little hard to sink into, though because I found it difficult to believe that a guy (Shadow) could get together an entire club full of people, his father, and his girlfriend and have them on board with the idea that he was going to murder pedophiles. Yes, pedophiles are awful… but it’s dangerous and stupid to tangle with them while also trying to avoid the law. There was no sort of concern for being caught really, and it struck me as difficult to believe.

Overall, the story was interesting. I liked the characters (for the most part—I’ll admit that Sky came off a little air-headed at times, and Shadow was a bit domineering for my tastes), the interesting plot, and the writing was excellent. I did find it a little hard to engage with—but I think most of that comes from the fact that I wasn’t expecting it to lean so heavily towards Erotica vs. Romance, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the crime aspect of the book. Still a decent read overall. If you like steamy bad-boy romances with an erotic bent, you’ll probably enjoy this book. There is a large portion of the plot dealing with pedophiles and some domineering, but if you’re comfortable with it, read on!