Book Review: Forever His

cover-review-forever hisTitle: Forever His [Stolen Brides 1]

Author: Shelly Thacker

Genre: TIme Travel, Fantasy, Romance, Historical

Rating: 5 Stars



She is Celine Fontaine, the American darling of the venerable Fontaine family, celebrating the New Year at the family’s ancestral French chateau. As the clock strikes midnight, Celine is alone in her bedroom, barely aware of a lunar eclipse, until she is blinded by a sudden light and loses consciousness. She awakens to total darkness — in bed with a naked stranger — and a world that is not her own.

The man who shares Celine’s bed is Sir Gaston de Varennes and the year is 1300. Gaston believes that the beautiful redhead is Christiane de la Fontaine, whom the King has decreed he marry in order to end a generation of bitter feuding. Yet despite his resolve to shun her, Gaston finds Celine irresistible. Overwhelmed by passion, they dare to steal the magic moments that may be all to brief — to surrender to desires that promise forever . . . and a love that spans the centuries.


I adored Forever His by Shelly Thacker. I’ve been on a bit of a time travel romance bender the past week and being the 7th of it’s kind that I’ve read in a row, I was starting to get used to the idea that I wasn’t going to run into any 5-star reads in the genre. After all, I picked up this book on a whim from Amazon back when it was FREE—and the FREE section on Amazon is often very hit or miss when it comes to quality. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find a genuinely solid read.

Technically speaking, the book was exceedingly well written. I ran into  maybe one or two typos the entire book. The grammar, punctuation, spelling, and the structure was spot-on. The narrative was clear and easy to follow, and I sunk into the story effortlessly. I found the world building to be well fleshed out without being overbearing, and the characters seemed to be genuine people with thought-out personalities.

I fell in love with Celine and Gaston as a couple. Celine was a genuine character, and I found it easy to relate to her. Gaston was hopelessly pig-headed at times and more than a little jaded, but the challenge of watching Celine bring him out of his shell against his will was an entertaining ride. They made a magnificent couple.

I honestly don’t have any complaints about the book. That is so incredibly rare for me to say, so bravo Ms. Thacker! I loved this book and the rich story of Celine and Gaston and their escapades in time, and I’d be happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a solid time travel romance to sink into.