This Week : Disneyland, Computers, Hard Drives

Hello blogland! This is a bit of quick update/reminder, but for those of you who were maybe not aware (or are, but forgot), I’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning (6 am – Oct 19) for a week long trip to Disneyland! Woot! I should be returning late next Saturday (Oct 24). While I’m gone, you can keep sending me e-mails about book reviews or editing…. but I won’t be responding… cause, you know, DISNEYLAND. I hope everyone has a fantastic week, I will try to take lots and lots of pictures to share when I come back. That also means that this week there will be no Free Fiction Friday or Weekend Wrap Up (until after I return) because I’m not taking the laptop with me. Just my Kindle. I go nowhere without my Kindle.

That being said, I have some other updates for you! My computer (that died a few weeks ago) is finally on it’s way back from the manufacturer after being fixed. So hopefully I’ll have it back in my possession and working sometime the week after Disneyland. Sadly, it will be arriving while I’m out of town (doh!) so I’ll probably have to pick it up at the post office after my return. Le sigh. My brand-spanking-new Kindle should also be arriving the same week, so I’m super excited!

In other good news, my recently dead Hard Drive (remember the one that had all of my writing/art/music/etc on it?), Nom Nom, may not actually be dead. I have to wait until my not-dead computer makes it back, but we think the external shell we bought so I could use it with our laptop is what died instead. Which is lame because it was brand new… but still—I’d rather lose the shell than my files. Here’s to hoping! I’m convinced at this point that as much as I adore technology, technology loathes me. Seriously.

This may be a great time to mention my weird affinity for killing batteries/technology. Yes, this is a thing. Apparently there’s some kind of weird syndrome where certain people’s bodies are ionized wrong or have stronger electromagnetic fields than others (I know this sounds like some kind of conspiracy theory, but it’s been proven to be true for a small percentage of the populace) and those people have a hard time being around electronics without shutting them down. (they also commonly have metal allergies) I am one of those people. I can’t wear a battery-powered watch. Within an hour of wearing a brand new watch it will start running slow. within 24 hours it’s dead. It’s been that way my entire life (my mother was the same way, as well as my twin sister). It’s a freak thing, but I assure you it is real. I tend to blame this weird occurrence for why technology in general hates me. I replace my computers every two years or so. My laptops usually make it 6 months to a year before they no longer charge their batteries anymore. In the time since I bought my most recent computer (at which time my husband also bought a computer from the same place that is nearly identical) He’s had 0 technology fails. I’ve had two hard drives fail, two external shells fails, and a video-card death. I’ve had this computer less than 6 months. My kindle which I’ve had for two years now, randomly turns itself off and it’s battery drains from 100% to 15% in less than two hours running on an economy setting while –just- sitting on the main carousel screen. It’s supposed to last 9 hours while reading. HA.

Anyways… I need to finish packing and get some sleep. It’s off to Disneyland in 11 1/2 hours. I’ve got a 14 hour drive ahead of me! See you all in a week! If anyone’s in Anaheim this week, I’ll be the one in Studio Ghibli shirts all week running around like a spaz.

4 thoughts on “This Week : Disneyland, Computers, Hard Drives

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  2. I can’t find much help for your problem with dying electrics but an anti static mat, or wristband might help you? Also avoid wearing or having anything made of rubber near the computer, like your sneakers or a floor mat for example. Think of how a rubber balloon can hold a static charge. What your body is doing of your electromagnetic fields are off might be close to that. What kind of a chair do you sit on? Does it have any cloth on or covering it? Might want to consider using a wooden chair to help with that problem. Anoter way you can help limit any extra electricity is to put a thin flat block of wood under your computer. That’s the best i can think of I help this helps. There’s nothing more frustrating then having a computer die.


  3. That is extremely strange and a little creepy 🙂 My mom can wear a watch and the opposite happens. It will stay alive for a couple of years. Normally I wear one it dies in a few months or something. She emits something in her body that keeps that little thing going and going….Love Disneyland. Have fun


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