Weekend Wrap-Up #16

What I Read


I actually got reading done this week. Woot! I’ve spent a good part of my week trying to catch up on reading, or rather, get ahead. With my upcoming Disneyland trip coming up (Oct 18-24), I only have a few weeks to get a bunch of reviews written up ahead of time and scheduled so that my blog doesn’t fall majorly behind in my absence. It’s a bit of a marathon. I’ve still got about 4 reviews that  I need to finish before the end of October, and about 2 weeks to get them finished and scheduled.

This week, I had some really great books, and some not so great. The first of which was Witch Hunter by Steffanie Holmes. I’ve actually read a book by Steffanie Holmes before, though it was a novella, so when I was given the chance to pick up another book by an author that I thought did a pretty decent book on a novella (you all know how I hate novellas at this point) I was excited to see what she could do with a longer work. I was disappointed. Witch Hunter is a dark historical fantasy romance, and despite it’s questionable content (torture/BDSM/burning people at the stake) I really enjoyed it.

The second book I picked up this week was Poison by Lan Chan, book 1 of the Wind Dancer series. I grabbed this one at NetGalley on a whim, and I’m really glad that I did. It was a fantastic YA Dystopian heavily bent towards world building and a “let’s fight against society!” vibe. No zombies—for once. I really enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to moving further on in the series.

The third book I picked up this week was Rising Inferno by Lucile Wild. I was sent this book through one of my ARC review programs, and to be honest, I was kind of thrown. I –thought- the book was a short dragon shifter erotica (though for some reason they chose to give the guy on the cover angel wings), but soon discovered that it was a shifter romance. The lead male wasn’t even really a dragon, and the sex was barely considered sex. They basically dry-humped. It was still a cute story in a way, but certainly not what was advertise (which, by the way, it was advertised as a BBW Ménage—which is absolutely not the case).

The fourth book I picked up this week was 10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book by Scott Hughes. This one made it into my inbox as a bit of a push from an online website geared towards marketing books. No surprise there. It also wasn’t much of a surprise to figure out that it was literally a 10 point bulleted list on some pretty common sense ways to market and a whole lot of self-promotion for the author and his affiliates. I wasn’t impressed. I’ve already gotten a few negative votes on my Amazon review.

Upcoming Reviews & Things:

  • Monday, October 5 – Witch Hunter
  • Wednesday, October 7 – Poison
  • Monday, October 12 – Rising Inferno
  • Wednesday, October 14 – 10 Step Plan To Promote Your Book

What Was Posted

What I Did

DSCN0500Honestly, most of my week was taken up by reading. What little was left was devoted to working on the first draft of Daughter of Abraham (I’m now working on Chapter Six and I’m on schedule to have the entire first draft finished by the end of December).

Of course, all my plans are a bit thrown off by the upcoming Disneyland tip. There’s just so much to do! Cleaning my house, finding a cat-sitter so my fur-babies don’t starve to death while I’m gone, shopping for supplies, getting everyone packed, getting caught up on my blog and having everything scheduled ahead of time, and of course, getting ready for my daughter’s 12th birthday, which happens to fall two days after we return from Disneyland, and about four days before Halloween. October is a busy month in the Morton household.

In less related, but far more pleasant news, my computer (yes, the one that died) has FINALLY been shipped back to the manufacturer to be fixed and have parts replaced. My only fear now is that they’ll ship it back while we’re out of town and my computer will disappear into the ether. I’m trying not to think too heavily about it.

Next Week

More reading. Lots more reading. I need to finish four more book reviews (to have all of October covered) within the next two weeks so I can go on vacation and not worry about missing blog posts. I will unfortunately still be forced to skip a Free Fiction Friday the week I’m gone, but that can’t be avoided. FFF’s aren’t scheduled ahead of time because it would defeat the purpose to post a list of free books that may not be free anymore by the time the post is put up. FFF’s should resume the following Friday. Here’s to a busy October!