Book Review: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers–Chase

review-cover-chase billionaire brothersTitle: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: Chase

Author: Violet Walker

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Novella

Rating: 2 Stars



The heirs to the billion dollar empire Silver Enterprises are single playboys who work as hard as they play. But when their father gives them each an ultimatum—settle down or lose your inheritance—they each must decide if the family business is worth giving up the single life, while figuring out who is stalking them.

Reluctant to Love…

Chase is reluctant to settle down, especially at his father’s insistence. But a weekend with his sexy assistant may turn out to be just the thing he needs.

Jackson, the middle brother and peacemaker is too young for a wife and kids. But that doesn’t stop him from lusting after the pretty blond cook working for his father.

Ethan doesn’t trust women and he doesn’t trust love. He might have to give up his role as CEO of Silver Enterprises if he can’t get past his dark past.
This is the story of three handsome billionaire brothers and the women special enough to capture their reluctant hearts.


Anyone who’s read my reviews before knows that I am not a huge fan of novellas, particularly those in the romance genre. They’re often too short to convincingly portray romance competently, and nearly always feel rushed. That statement applies to this book as well. To be honest, I picked  this book up because it was free, the cover was put together well, and I saw an open plea for reviews. I needed a quick book to fill a review spot on my blog, and so I thought, “why not?”

As far as the actual writing goes, it was okay. I did run across a handful of errors (missing words, a lack of commas when they were warranted, etc), but nothing that was too distracting from the text. In a longer book, this would have been great… but at only 32 pages… that’s quite a bit of errors in a short period of time. 

The plot itself was pretty standard: rich father declares that his sons will lose their right to inherit the family company if they don’t get married within a set period of time. Luckily, there’s a hot secretary that is conveniently and inappropriately in love with her boss, so it’s all good. It’s a pretty common trope in formulaic romance. No surprises there.

The problem for me, lie with the believability of the characters and their dialogue/actions. Despite being advertised as a romance, this was really more of an erotica. The sex scenes were a bit crass in their descriptions, and pretty straight forward. It was obvious from the very beginning of the story that the characters were lusting pretty heavily over one another, and despite the heroine’s reassurance that she’d been crushing on Chase for the past five years, I saw the bare minimum of material to back it up. Instead, Brooke came across as a naïve secretary lusting after her boss, and Chase came across as a horn-dog playboy. I didn’t see the romance.

The dialogue, particularly concerning the “romance” was predictable, and dramatically overblown to the point of almost being laughable.

“You taste so good.” (…)

“So damn good.” (…)

“Okay you feel good too baby.”

It was a bit like a badly scripted porno. I did get all the way through the story, which I guess is something, but honestly, I can’t recommend it. It wasn’t terrible… but I didn’t enjoy it. It’s not something I’d read again, and it hasn’t sparked any interest to read the following books in the series. If you’re looking for a quick erotic read about the relationship between a secretary and her playboy boss… you may enjoy this novella. If you’re looking for an actual romance.. keep walking.


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