Weekend Wrap-Up #14

What I Read

ww-1ww-2Devil and the Deep cover

It’s been a pretty slow week for reading around here. I’ll admit it. I’m actually coming very close to some review deadlines that I need to finish up (I still don’t have a book read for next Wednesday or the following week). It just seems to be one of those weeks where I had every intention of cranking out a couple of reviews, but other things got in the way.

I did manage to pick up and finish The Billionaire Brothers: Chase by Violet Walker. To be honest, it wasn’t my sort of thing. Everyone here on my blog knows that I’m not a huge fan of novellas. I tend to find them rushed and lacking the depth of character that I usually look for in my fiction. I picked up this particular novella, however, because I’m part of a review team who was implored to do so… and no surprise, found I didn’t care for it. You can look forward to that review on Monday. Btw—can we take a moment to discuss how ridiculous this book’s full title is? BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: CHASE (Young Adult Rich Alpha Male Billionaire Romance) (A Steamy Alpha Billionaire Romance Book 1) … it’s a mouthful. Also, for future reference, it’s not a YA Romance, it’s a very Adult Erotica.

I didn’t finish any other books this week, but I did pick up quite a few. The first of which I’m about halfway into called Yellowstone Fugitive by Saige Silver. Unfortunately, I do not have a cover for it yet, but it will be released September 24th. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. The book was spun to me as a BBW Menage Paranormal Romance, and although that’s a particular genre that’s been rather hit and miss with me in the past, I decided to give it a try. Right now, I’m not sure if I’m going to give it 2 or 3 stars. The book started out pretty good—the technical side of the book is really well done and the plot is unique… but the character dialogue is so ridiculously cheesy that I don’t know if I should cringe or laugh. The steamy bits are extremely explicit and a little too blunt for my tastes. I’m reserving too much judgment for now, but I’d certainly label this more of an Erotica than a Romance.

Another book I picked up this week was Poison by Lan Chan. I don’t know much about the book really—I picked it up on Netgalley on a whim, but so far, the little I’ve read has me intrigued. The writing is very well done, and I’m excited to keep reading. I wish I had more to tell you at this point, but I’ve literally read less than a chapter.

The last book I’ve picked up this week (and will be reading very shortly, although I haven’t actually cracked the cover yet) Is Devil and the Deep by Megan Tayte. I’ve previously read the first three books in this series (all of which I gave five stars) so when the author sent me an email a few weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in reviewing the fourth book as well as hosting a Release Day Party + Giveaway, I jumped at the chance. I’m super excited to start reading, and I’m hoping to have it done by the end of next week. The Release Day Party/Giveaway will be September 30th, so stay tuned (also, the first three books in the series will be FREE on Amazon the same day, so links will be available if you’re interested! Be sure to check in next week!

Upcoming Reviews & Things::

  • Monday, September 21 – The Billionaire Brothers: Chase
  • Wednesday, September 23 – Yellowstone Fugitive
  • Monday, September 28 – Devil and the Deep (? Hopefully)
  • Wednesday, September 30 – Devil and the Deep Release Day Party + Giveaway
  • Thursday, October 1 – Sparked

What Was Posted

What I Did

DSCN0487Yup. This is the weather outside my house this morning. See that barbed wire fence? That’s the back end of Fort Bliss. Yes, I live directly behind the base.

It’s been a bit of a long, busy week, even though I didn’t get a lot of reading done. I managed to get the outline for my book finished (Now named Daughter of Abraham) and have started on the first draft. It’s been a bit of a weird experience. Almost immediately after I got the first two chapters of the first draft done, I realized that I needed to set those chapters aside. They didn’t really fit into the book, but luckily, they would fit into a prequel, so for now, I’m holding onto them.

Aside from working on my book, I listened to a ton of podcasts over the week—mostly while writing. I’ve found a few gems so far that I’m really enjoying, including: Self Publishing Podcast & Self Publishing Podcast Classics / Dear Bitches, Smart Authors / XOXO After Darkcast – all are available FREE on iTunes, and I’d highly recommend checking them out. DBSA and XOXO are both Romance Genre related book podcasts, and SPP and SPPC are both podcasts by the same crew of authors that talk a lot about writing and self publishing. They have a lot of really interesting conversations and publishing tips, so I’d highly recommend you check them out.

And in more “My house broke again” news, I learned to McGyver a toilet, because once again, my plumbing broke in my house. The stupid little flusher lever that basically makes it possible for your toilet to flush broke, and having no vehicle for the week, my options were limited. Basically: stick my hand in the toilet tank every time I want to flush the toilet to manually lift the flapper valve, OR McGyver the hell out of it. What has my life become?

Next Week

I need to read. Period. I’m behind and I have three spots to fill in the next two weeks. I’m flailing right now. Other than that, my plans are to continue to crank out the first draft of Daughter of Abraham, fix my stupid toilet (because let’s face it.. it’s super annoying right now), and maybe bake some pie… cause fall is a thing that is now happening (see weather above for reference). I’m ready for apple pie.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up #14

  1. I had to do that same thing with a toilet! Ours broke multiple times and we glued it back together the first 2 times but after that there was no gluing it and we used a metal coat hanger as a handle so we could pull and make the toilet flush/refill. Then our cheap landlords just pulled that part out of our downstairs toilet, which was not the same model, and stuck it in there. Safe to say it did not work and we went and bought a replacement. During the coat hanger phase though when people came over they were so confused as to what on earth was happening with out toilet. We got many strange looks.


    • haha! omg, it was so annoying, as I’m sure you know. I actually found one of those cheep necklace chains you get out of like a quarter machine and hooking it to the chain that the flush lever was attached to, and had it hang out the hole where the handle went… that way to flush you just had to pull the chain. luckily it was easy to fix in the end, just picked up a $7 part at Walmart to replace the handle/lever and it was fixed!


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