My Computer Died. Again.

This is a bit of a public service announcement. Sadly, I woke up this morning to find my computer locked up on the sign-in screen. Figuring a good reboot would solve the problem (as it often does), I restarted my computer… and it never came back on. Somehow, magically, my video card died. Le sigh. I’m sure everyone remembers that I only just recently got my computer back after having the hard drive fail—I mean, it was less than a month ago.

Unfortunately, my husband (who deals with the computer company for me because IT guys never take women seriously when they call), is out of town for the week, so I can’t even get it taken care of until next week. We’ll probably end up sending the whole thing to the computer company this time (though, omg, my computer is huge and heavy and shipping will be ridiculously expensive).

What this all boils down to, is that I won’t have my computer, and my files, back for another several weeks.


Meanwhile, luckily I still have the laptop I used the last time, and because it’s been less than a month, it’s already set up with all of my programs, which makes things a little easier. Right now I’m currently planning to continue doing reviews, free fiction fridays, and weekend wrap ups—so things shouldn’t change too much. It’s just a little harder without my files. I will also continue to take review requests and emails about copyediting/proofreading—so do hesitate to send them!

Anyways, that’s all for now. I just wanted to let everyone know why there may be a delay or missing posts here and there depending on file/time constraints. I’m hoping I won’t miss any—but you never know. Homeschooling at my house starts tomorrow morning, and working out my new schedule is already giving me a headache.

I hope you all have a great week!

10 thoughts on “My Computer Died. Again.

  1. That’s awful, I’m sorry you’re going though this! I’m having two computers die on me before, right now I’m on a user it seems ok (well anything has to last longer than a Dell. Though in Dells defense, they are wicked easy to use.) I wish I could help you, but if the video card is toast it has to be replaced, so yeah you’re stuck waiting.I wish I could help but as it’s hardware and not software I can’t. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

    I'm sick of these computers always breaking and plan on saving up for a couple of years to get an Apple. (arrgg….!) From what what a friend has told me she's had her apple since 1990 and it's still going strong. (O.O) I went and looked them up online and their desktops are about 100.000-1200.000$ each (eek!) But still better than the 4k I though they were. Anyways to get to the point, sometimes it's better to pay more for something that lasts longer than to buy the cheap computers and pull our hair out when they up and die.

    Maybe you could put a pay-pall donation button in your blog and ask readers to help you pay for the video card, and then start a $ goal for an apple? Just an idea.


    • Dang auto correct, I’m on an Acer (it’s to early to know if they are great or utter crap. As it’s only a year old.) I forgot in most towns and city’s you can take your computer to a computer repair shop and they’ll fix it for you, and get the missing video card. Be prepared though to shell out 100$ or so for the repair And more if they have to special order the card.


      • haha yah, my husband is actually an IT guy who builds computers for a living, so we’re pretty sure it’s the video card–and if it were something we could easily replace, we would. Problem is that it’s a several hundred dollar, liquid cooled card (because the computer was brand spanking new and top of the line), so just going to replace the card isn’t really an option. Luckily, it’s still under a 3 year warranty with the company we bought it from,so a replacement is free… we just gotta send it in and wait for a few weeks for them to replace it and send it back. Such a hassle!


        • If it breaks gain personalty, I’d buy a different brand! I hope that it gets sent back faster then expected. It was smart of you to also have a lap top so that you’re not completely shut down. 🙂 I feel your pain as last year my Dell died on me do to old age. (It was eight years old.) I miss windows xp so much windows 8 ARGG. Did you make any back up of your book on cds? I have a flash memory storage stick thingy, where all computer files are on it (expecually my story.) Mybie your next blog posting could be about the importance of writers backing up their storys on flash drives, cds, and in online filestorage storage websites? And well the reason why as computer newbies wouldn’t know that yet. Hope your day gets goes well.


          • haha no worries. My computer isn’t really any particular brand–we had it custom built, so it’s several brands built together–but it did get a bit wrecked in the initial shipping, so some things were obviously damaged, and now have to be replaced. My husband bought his computer from the same place at the same time, and his has been perfectly fine since day 1… it’s just mine that’s having all the issues -_- I have bad luck I guess! Luckily I had all of my files backed up on a second hard drive (that wasn’t broken) so we just removed it from the computer. I also keep a backup copy of my writing on a flashdrive, so it’s easy enough to just plug it into our laptop and access. The only reason I can’t get to my other files is because you can’t install a second hard drive into a laptop without an external shell. So for now, I’m getting a whole lot of work done on my writing at least, even if I can’t get to my e-book library or work files.

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          • Ah I see. I’m glad you have your files backed up, as it could be much worse. Murphy’s law is in effect for you lately. 😉 You have a nice night/day, I’ll be gone for a few days.


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  3. Probably, a company would pay for shipping. If your computer is under warranty. If not, then the company would be overcharging you insanely anyway, and I would recommend taking it to someplace like Best Buy or a local computer repair place. IF the computer is not under warranty, as i mentioned.


    • Fortunately, the computer is under full warranty (since it’s brand new) but they won’t pay for shipping (I asked the last time it broke a month ago). If it weren’t already an insanely expensive liquid-cooled graphics card, we’d probably just buy a replacement and have it installed (My husband builds computers for a living)…but we just can’t justify spending several hundred dollars for a graphics card that should be replaced for free -__-.


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