Book Review: Trapped On Draconica

review-cover-trapped on draconicaTitle: trapped on Draconica

Author: Dan Wright

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Rating: 1 Star



Ben was just your typical teenager – loud, obnoxious and always getting himself into hot water. Coming from a troubled household, it’s no wonder Ben’s been on the wrong side of the tracks lately. Ben thinks that his troubles can’t possibly get any worse. How wrong he is… Not long after being mysteriously teleported to the world of Draconica, Ben gets caught up in a Baalarian invasion – who are hell-bent on capturing him. But what did Ben ever do to upset them? With no idea how he got here – and with intentions only on getting home, Ben embarks on a fantastical journey. Joining forces with the Dragonkin sisters Daniar and Erowin, Ben must help them take down the Empire before their dark grasp tightens across the land. Little does Ben realise that his role in this battle is far more vital than he realises – and that his coming here was no accident. Written by new author Dan Wright and featuring incredible artwork by Alexis M. Centeno, Trapped on Draconica is an epic adventure that takes you on an incredible journey that you want to visit again and again. Join in the trails, tribulations, laugher and heartbreak as you follow Ben on an epic adventure that will change his life forever.


I wish I had liked Trapped on Draconica by Dan Wright more than I did, but honestly… It just wasn’t for me. The narrative style of the story was as if the reader were watching a cartoon,  or reading a comic, rather than a novel. The story, characters, and dialog were dramatic and grand in an almost over-blown sort of way that probably would have worked well for a children’s book or a cartoon… but the content was more young adult/adult, and I don’t think the combination of melodramatic writing fit the older audience. It just didn’t work for me.

The writing was clear and easy to follow, but there were some questionable moments with the punctuation, spelling, and tense. It wasn’t too distracting, and it didn’t make the narrative difficult to read, but it is worth mentioning. The dialogue, however, was hard to push past. The characters spoke in a very melodramatic and scripted way that didn’t seem natural. There were some pretty cliché’d moments where the characters said things that made me cringe. (“Nice doggie…” for instance).

Overall, I just found it hard to be engaged with the story. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but I don’t know that the style in which the book was written fit the age group it was catering too, and personally, I didn’t care for the style as a whole. I think in other formats it would have worked well, and I’m sure there will be readers out there that will be totally engrossed in the plotline. Personally, I couldn’t get past it. I picked it up, set it down, picked it up again. For months I struggled to get into this story, but in the end, I had to tap out. There’s only so much you can push yourself to read before you just have to admit defeat. I truly wish I had liked this more, but I don’t think I was the right audience for it. If you tend to like really dramatic writing that’s easily to follow, full of colorful characters and a fun, quirky sort of world building, I’d recommend you give this a try. If you tend to like more gritty fantasy that takes itself a little more seriously, you may want to let this one pass. It isn’t going to be for everyone.

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  2. Hi there! Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to review Trapped on Draconica. Sorry you didn’t like it – however I just wanted to let you know I am in the process of giving it another re-edit (because it was due for one) and hopefully I’ll be able to iron out all the issues you mentioned.

    Thanks for at least considering it for a review. Keep up the good work 🙂


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