The state of things—a quick update!

Hello people of blogland! I wanted to take a quick moment and update you guys on how things are going. Obviously, I haven’t been posting. If you read my last update, you’d know that awhile ago my Hard Drive died on my computer. I’ve spent a good amount of time arguing with the company who built my computer over their warranty and the logistics of sending my computer back to them for them to replace the hard drive this past week. Luckily, we worked things out, and I’ll be shipping my broken Hard Drive back to them on Monday, so hopefully in a week or two, I’ll be back to my regular posting when my new hard drive arrives. It’s been a trying hiatus.

The good news is, I have a laptop that allows me to do some pretty basic stuff, like watching YouTube or posting messages (like this one), but of course the situation isn’t perfect. My entire e-book library is on a secondary Hard Drive that I currently don’t have access to (in fact, all of my saved files are there, including the ones I use for this blog), so right now, this is about all I can do. I should be back to posting book reviews and Free Fiction Fridays as soon as my new Hard Drive arrives, but it is going to be a week or two before that happens. For now, I’m using the opportunity to get some work done on my writing (I have about 6k words of a new book outline done—which thankfully I had saved on a USB flash drive), and I’m just taking some time to do something other than sit at my computer all the time…. give it another week and my house will be spotless out of boredom. Ha ha!

I hope everyone’s having a great week, and I hope to be back to posting as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, you can still send me requests for reviews, but please understand that I won’t be posting reviews until my computer situation has been resolved.

3 thoughts on “The state of things—a quick update!

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  2. Hi I came from Google found your blog. I feel your pain my last computer bit the dust. So much lost time when they aren’t working. Another thing you can do is find an online file storage. I like (it’s to free anymore though, I joined when they were giving free accounts.) You can search for free ones, there’s lots of them. With an online storage it doesn’t matter what computer your using and you can upload/download whatever you like. I wish good luck and that your computers hard drive comes back with no hiccups.

    I have a question that I can’t seam to find in google, perhaps you can answer it? Why do authors like the ones on a online critic website, give such a mixture of (amazing) to bad advice? I find that most of the time their comments spur me to rethink something, helped me to understand say vs tell, they helped with my grammar and other issues. But why is that they keep telling me I need to put my characters inner thoughts into italics? I write in Third person limited and doing so would make those thoughts omniscient, and pull readers out. Perhaps the differences in writing styles, could be discussed in your next blog posting? Along with why cridics need to know what they are taking about before giving advice, could be addressed? It’s like telling someone writing in first person prest tense that they need to use past tense. -grumble.-

    My other issue with that critique website (I won’t name it unless you say it’s okay.) is the long que wait for each chapter. It can take a week or longer to just get into the que, and then at least three days or longer to start getting reviews. When members give a critique on a chapter they earn a few points. Of course it’s selfish not to give a critique back to the critic (I did this as it’s only fair.) This is not whats irradiating me. It’s the fact that it’s unevenly balanced for a free member. I have around 30 (some short some long, so about 50k/60k words) At the rate of waiting it would take about 11 years to have every chapter finished and even longer as that’s only about 70% of the book. I can’t upgrade as I don’t have a pay-pall account and the moderates of the site told me they don’t have any other payment option. (?!?!)

    So getting to the point do you or anyone else that comes along in here know of a critique website that doesn’t have a q, ignores points and the authors just email each other back and fourth?

    Thank you for the chance to rant a bit. 😉 And thank you kindly for any help that you give. -bows-


    • Hey, welcome to my blog! Thank you for the advice, though I do tend to be pretty wary of any site that hosts my personal files online… I know a lot of times it’s perfectly safe, but the thought of putting my personal files onto any service where my files could inadvertently​ be leaked or retrieved by anyone else makes me nervous. Luckily, I did have all my files backed up on a secondary Hard Drive–it’s just that for now, I can’t access them (because the Hard Drive is an internal one and all I have right now to work with is a laptop… so it can’t be installed without an external shell). It’all just a big hassle.

      As for your questions, I think part of the problem with all the differing advice and know-it-alls when it comes to critiquers is because there are so many conflicting points of view out there on the right/wrong way to do things in writing. I think most critiquers honestly want to be helpful, but they get so caught up in the “rules” of writing that they take the advice they hear as steadfast… and writing isn’t like that. It’s flexible. Rules can be bent and broken and change all the time. Unfortunately, because writing is such a personal endeavor for each author, we can be pretty stubborn about our opinions as well, so we tend to stick to the rules we agree with, and we ignore all others. I like to tell people to take writing rules with a grain of salt. There’s some really great advice out there…but you can’t take it all seriously all the time. Use what works for you, and write the way you want to.

      With the italics though, I will say that putting thoughts in italics is pretty standard for all fiction writing, no matter your POV or Tense. The idea behind it is that it sets the thought apart from regular text so the reader knows that the character is having an interal thought in their own voice, and the author isn’t just being omniscient–but, you have to know how to do it correctly for it to be effective.

      I actually think I know which critique website you’re talking about (i’ve used it in the past), and it is really annoying to wait for the queue. On that particular site, the wait is unreasonably long. I understand why they built it that way, but it could use a revamp for sure. I don’t know of any particular critique sites that work any better than that one, but my advice is: find a group, not a website to work with. It’s a little more difficult, but infinitely more valuable to build up your own group of trusted individuals to help critique your work (preferably people who understand your genre and like your writing style) so that you can avoid the unwanted and differing opinions of newbie critiquers who know little about your target audience.


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