Weekend Wrap-Up #5

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to yet another Weekend Wrap-Up! Let’s get started!

What I Read

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I read! I read! I feel like I should shout that this week. The last few weeks have been a bit slow, but I finally got some reading done, and I’m pretty happy about it—even if it was a bit overwhelming.

Bride by Mistake by Nicole Helm & Forget Me Not by Erika Marks were both sent to me by Tule Publishing via NetGalley this past week, and both are Contemporary Romances by authors I’ve never had the pleasure of reading before. Thankfully, they were both excellent books!

Ignited by Desni Dantone was a book I picked up on a whim for .99 on Amazon with my Mother’s Day gift card (Thank you to my family for that one!)—and boy am I glad I did! For a random-whim, it was a fantastic YA Paranormal Romance.

I’ve also started (but haven’t finished) War Kids by H.J. Lawson which was sent to me by the author herself as part of a special readers program she started this past week.

You can look forward to reviews being posted for all of these books in the very near future:

  • May 18 – Bride By Mistake
  • May 20 – Forget Me Not
  • May 27 – War Kids
  • June 3 – Ignited

What Was Posted

What I Did

This week has been a little hectic to be honest. Mother’s Day hit last weekend (obviously) and I bought a ton of books (Woot! YAY for Amazon Gift Cards!) which kind of made my week because I am the worst of all book hoarders. I also managed to read quite a few books this week, cleaned my house, and watched way too much Naruto. Yes, I realize I’m 31 and too old to watch cartoons. I have an 11 year old, and I shall use her as my excuse to watch cartoons until she’s an adult… and then I’ll use my grandkids!

One of my top tasks this week was adding my entire e-book library to my GoodReads book lists. That may not sound like such a huge task—until you realize my e-book library is very close to containing about 25k books. I’m not kidding. It took me 2 days to add them all. Talk about a pain in the neck! I may have the largest TBR list known to man.

Last, but not least, I spent a good amount of time this week re-organizing my blog schedule. I can hardly put into words how stressful that was. At the beginning of the week, I’d already scheduled reviews all the way into June—I was ahead of schedule, and I thought that I was fine as far as scheduling go. That didn’t last long.

In very short succession I was then sent two NetGalley books from Tule Publishing (because I’m auto approved by that publisher and they e-mail me new books every week), both of which needed to be read and reviewed by this upcoming week (which had already been scheduled with other posts at that point). The next day I was sent two more books by H.J. Lawson as part of her new readers program (where again, I am automatically e-mailed all the new books she publishes). Those too had an expected review date that meant they both needed to be read within the next 1-2 weeks. I was also notified that I’d be sent the third book in the series in another week or so (which also has an expected review date of 1-2 weeks).

I suddenly found myself with four new books that needed to be read/reviewed in a very short period of time, along with my other previously scheduled reviews—one of which needed to be posted this month (let’s not forget this month is half over already!). Period. I looked at my schedule and realized that I had a review scheduled for every single day for the next two weeks—and that seemed like madness. So, I moved things around. It took me an hour to figure out all the logistics, and I had to fudge two reviews and make them purposefully a day or two late…but I think I have everything under control again. My new schedule looks something like this:

  • May 18 – Bride By Mistake (Release Date & Review)
  • May 19 – Forget Me Not (Release Date)
  • May 20 – Forget Me Not (Review)
  • May 22 – Free Fiction Friday #47
  • May 24 – Weekend Wrap-Up #6
  • May 25 – Art of Cunning (Review)
  • May 27 – War Kids (Review)
  • May 29 – Free Fiction Friday #48
  • May 31 – Weekend Wrap-Up #7
  • June 1 – Survive The Day (Review)
  • June 3 – Ignited (Review)
  • June 5 – Free Fiction Friday #49
  • June 7 – Weekend Wrap-Up #8
  • June 8 – I Dreamt of Trees (Review)

Craziness I tell you. I can only pray that I won’t have to move anything else around before the month is over!

Next Week

Meet Isabella. She says hi.I don’t even know. Right now thinking about next week makes my head hurt. You can check out the schedule above to see what’s coming up. I should have reviews up for Bride By Mistake and Forget Me Not – both of which were 4 star books, and I’d recommend them if you like Contemporary Romance.

To be honest, I’m still trying to take it a little easy. I’ve still got Tonsillitis (oh joy of joys), which is sort of kicking my butt. I do plan to do some baking (cupcakes!) done at some point, but mostly, I think next week is going to be all about reading. I need to finish up reading War Kids and Survive the Day by H.J. Lawson so that I can get those reviews ready for their pre-scheduled releases (and so my TBR is a little shorter when I get the third book in the series)—and then I need to look into what I’m going to read/schedule for the three remaining review days not filled on my calendar. I’m sort of way far ahead (ah, it’s such a nice feeling after being so far behind a month ago!), so I’m not really in a hurry. I’m sure that in another week I’ll probably have a whole new set of books with release dates looming that need to be worked into the schedule. I can’t imagine it’ll be more tangled than this past week was though.