Weekend Wrap-Up #3

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Let’s take a look at our week in review.

What I Read

Absolutely nothing. Okay, that isn’t entirely true. I attempted to read a few things:


Here’s the problem—Phoenix Earth is well written as far as the narrative goes, but the science is so incredibly questionable that I’m finding it very hard to take the book seriously. It has a space ship powered by a diamond drive. I’ve been trying to get into this book and give it a fair shot for probably more than a year, and I’m having a hard time getting past the first chapter. It feels almost as if it’s trying too hard to be Star Trek—and don’t even get me started on the fact that the author has compared what’s happening in the book to the Holocaust… twice. I just… can’t.

So, I set it aside and picked up Trapped on Draconica… because it was yet another book I hadn’t thoroughly read yet. The story is great… but it’s written like a middle-grade novel… and it isn’t one. The main character swears, smokes, and steals. That’s fine… except for the way the narrative is written. It’s simplistic and the dialogue is so unnatural that it’s like reading the script of a Saturday morning cartoon. The characters are melodramatic and characterized in such a way that again… it’s hard to take it seriously. It felt like reading a novel that’s trying to be an anime… and I find that hard to digest.

For my third attempt, I picked up Art of Cunning from The Naughty List ARC Club I’m a part of… and surprisingly, so far, it’s really good. I’ll admit, I was a bit stunned because the club mainly deals with explicit Erotica (often of the questionable sort—I’ve seen several books pop up on their lists lately that have to deal with step-brother sexcapades)—and this book is just a genuine shifter romance… and a well written one at that.  I’m hoping to have it finished early next week so I can give it a review.

In the end, I didn’t finish any books. I swear I have a good reason though—we’ll get to that in a minute.

What Was Posted

What I Did

And here’s the kicker: I had some major issues this week that kept me from getting much of anything done. As some of you may remember from my previous posts, I recently bought a new computer. The computer was great… really… except for the various issues it came with right out of the box. For one, the card reader was disconnected internally. The CD drive was installed incorrectly and permanently pushed back in the case by several inches—which couldn’t be fixed without removing and replacing the entire motherboard. Also, from day one the computer seemed to have some video card issues that meant that any time I played a video, or sometimes just randomly, my computer would lock up, windows would crash, and I’d get a blue screen of death.

It should then not surprise you that the problems continued to get worse. It got to a point this last week where I couldn’t open my browser without my computer restarting. One particular afternoon my computer randomly rebooted itself 15 times in a period of about 10 minutes. I couldn’t do –anything- on my computer without it rebooting. Fed up, I disconnected my secondary hard drive (where all my files are stored) and reformatted the PC.

The good news is, my computer works fine now. No crashing, no weird random reboots, no error messages. The bad news is, I discovered that my CD drive doesn’t work. At all. If I turn it on I get scary crunching noises. Also, reformatting my computer meant that I’d have to re-install everything. It’s been three days and I still don’t have Microsoft Word installed let alone my e-book library up and running. I basically have a browser and e-mail.

I also managed to get a plumber out (as decided last weekend) to fix my kitchen sink. He had to replace the faucet, but it’s all good. My kitchen is no longer flooding (hip, hip, hooray!) As you can see, my week’s been pretty busy. Understandably, I didn’t have a lot of time for reading (which makes me want to sob) but I’m still ahead on my posting schedule, so it’s not too traumatic.

Next Week

I need to read.I have three slots left to fill on my calendar for this month, and I’m obligated to finish a review for at least one book for The Naughty List ARC Club—so it has to be done soon. Other than that, I have no plans. Things always seem to pop up randomly throughout the week that draw my attention (especially lately.. sheesh!) So I’m going to keep my schedule wide open and hope things don’t get too crazy.  Maybe I’ll find some time to finish updating my computer and re-install all my software. That would be nice.