7 ways to differentiate your novel

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writing idea Image reproduced under creative commons license. Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/massimobarbieri/

Picture this. You’ve spent weeks, months, possibly years pulling together the first draft of your novel. Having let it sit for a month or so you finally read it through. You discover poorly written passages along with gems that make you wonder if you actually wrote the words yourself. There are slow, dull passages that need removing along with scenes that race through so fast you can hardly catch your breath. All of these problems can be dealt with during the edit but there is one issue troubling you more than any other, it’s just not original.

According to Christopher Booker there are only seven basic plots. This is open to some debate but it’s true that many stories follow a similar structure, and with so many stories having already been written, the challenge for any writer is how to make their story unique?

The good…

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