Sometimes living in an old house sucks.

Yet again, something in my old house has broken, and like every other time, it’s turned into a much bigger fiasco than I’d expected. It all started last Saturday when my family realized that our one and only bathtub wasn’t draining. Well—it was, but it took an hour to drain 2 inches of water. That isn’t normal. Since it wasn’t an emergency, just inconvenient, we waited to call our landlord till Monday morning—thinking, great, we’ll get a plumber to come out, and it’ll be fixed by the end of the day.


Well, obviously, we were a bit naïve. The landlord said they couldn’t get anyone to come out till Tuesday. Fine. Whatever. We all need showers, but we can survive that long. Tuesday rolled around… and the day went really slowly. We had to stay home all day and wait for the plumbers… they finally showed up at about 3pm, and the mess started.

The poor plumber worked on our bathtub for two hours, including cutting out the metal drain of our old bathtub (which is now in pieces and sticking up at weird angles… I seriously hope they remember to replace it). Anyways, to make a long day short, the guy couldn’t fix it. He didn’t know why it wasn’t draining… even after it snaked. He threw some Drain-O in and told me to call him the next morning, and if it hadn’t worked, he’d come back out and take apart the wall in my kitchen (which has better access to the pipes).


So I called early the next morning because, of course, the tub still wasn’t draining. Did they come out that day? No. They said they’d be by the next morning. This makes it our fifth day without a shower. (Imagine our irritation).

Thursday morning rolls around… then afternoon, then evening. No one showed up. No one called. So, this morning (Friday), I called my landlord to complain. At this point, not only is my bathtub not draining, my kitchen sink is holding standing water on one side, and draining slowly on the other side. I can’t use my sink, or my bathtub. Which means we’re eating out so we don’t dirty dishes—because I can’t wash them, and we’re going out in public without having had a shower since the previous Saturday. First world problem hashtags aside… as you can imagine, it hasn’t been a fun week for us.

Finally, FINALLY, the plumbers showed up today—after the landlord had to re-call them twice—and I now have four guys working on my bathtub. The good news is, it’s finally draining after another 2 hours of work. They’re still working on the sinks. I can’t even tell you how apprehensive, annoyed, and simultaneously hopeful I am at this point.

Sometimes living in a really old house sucks.

As you can imagine, I haven’t gotten a lot done this week. I’m still severely behind on books (I had almost caught up, and then after the plumber fiasco, I’m back to being 5 books behind). I just haven’t been able to find the time to read while I’m busy cleaning my house, fighting with my plumbing, and waiting around for unpunctual people. Right now the noise level in my house is about a 10. They’re literally sawing my pipes apart and shouting back and forth between the rooms. Chaos. Just… utter chaos.

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  1. I know how you feel! I am going through some water issues too but in the opposite way. Water likes to come into my house when its not supposed to, even though the house is new. The first guy that came to fix our one leaking room told us there was nothing wrong and that we should just not use that room. After screaming at my landlord we had another guy come around (two weeks later) who said he fixed it. Turns out he didn’t. Now more than just one, but three rooms in my house are raining and the landlord is dodging our calls.


    • oh my goodness, that’s horrible. deffinitely keep bugging them about it though. I’ve had some horror stories of my own with leaking pipes in rooms–I very nearly lost my daughter to the same situation when she was a baby.Harass the hell outta that landlord.

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