Goodreads Has Decided That There is No Friendzone for Authors and People ⋆ Ink, Bits, & Pixels

Goodreads may have picked up tricks from their corporate parent since being bought by Amazon in 2012, but beta testing new features was apparently not one of them.

The social network added new relationship options on Friday. Ostensibly intended to better define how authors and the hoi polloi interact, the new options are causing more problems than they solved.

Where under the old setup you could be a friend or a fan of an author (or both), the new system offers “three ways you can choose to engage with author pages on Goodreads” : friend, follow, or favorite.

While I’m sure it sounds like follow is simply a new name for fan and that favorite is a brand new option, it’s more complicated than that.  The relationships friend:fan and friend:follow:favorite don’t match up cleanly.

To start with, the old system had members forming connections with authors, while under the new system members “engage with author pages” – and yes, that is the way GR framed the interactions.

Yes, authors are no longer members of Goodreads; they’re now pages. In other words, Goodreads sees authors as things.


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7 thoughts on “Goodreads Has Decided That There is No Friendzone for Authors and People ⋆ Ink, Bits, & Pixels

  1. I sifted through the feedback discussion linked in that article and found an update you might be interested in:



    So they’re changing it back but it has yet to be done though supposedly it will be in the next day-ish.

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        • I completely agree with you. I don’t know why sites sometimes feel the urge to revamp things that seem to work perfectly fine in the first place–let alone try to replace them with obviously broken versions.


          • Seems like getting feedback before working on the change in the first place would hugely benefit most sites. I understand security fixes and adjustments, but for something like this? Like…just ask XD Saves time and money and makes more people happy.


  2. Ugh, seriously? I’ve been wondering how I was going to go from just a member to an author on GR – now it seems I’ll have to get two different sites there – like Facebook…?
    Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll check out the link.
    Why oh why can’t these sites leave well enough alone?

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