Things are getting a little off-kilter…

My new, lovely, computer.So, you may have woken up this morning and realized that my book review (scheduled for today) didn’t go up. I apologize. Here’s the thing:

After my week long battle with my new computer, things were starting to settle. My files were saved, I conned my husband into fixing my broken USB ports and checking my Windows for errors—after it kept randomly shutting down due to an NFTS file error. After half a week of battling with getting my new PC, up and running reliably, things were fixed!

And then my internet switch promptly died. My computer is the ONLY computer in our household that doesn’t have built-in WiFi (it MUST be plugged in), and it took us awhile to figure out why I suddenly had no internet—but yes, our internet switch died. I couldn’t make this stuff up. Somehow, magically, everything that could possibly go wrong with my computer and it’s ability to run has gone wrong this week. I don’t even know how to explain it other than to sit back and shake my head.

After a night of trying to figure out how I was the only PC in the household with no internet—despite the reboots and troubleshooting we were doing on my computer’s end (we even switched out my Ethernet cord twice in some vain hope that the brand new cord was faulty), we finally got thingMy new office space. Yes, I mutilate my desk. Whatever.s set aright. (Can you see where this is going? Wait for it: )

…and then last night an unexpected storm (it’s not even funny at this point) blew into town with 50mph wind (seriously), and our power kept flickering in and out. I was just praying my computer wasn’t about to get fried by a surge in the power (I’ve actually had that happen—fried a motherboard… I’m still traumatized). So, it is now Wednesday morning, and again, I have no review up. My schedule has very quickly gone to shit for the week. So here’s what I’m going to do—I am two books (or was it three?) behind right now on my reading. So for awhile, we are going to go off schedule. I am going to try and catch back up  and get reviews posted as quickly as I can. That may mean a week where I have reviews on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday… as well as Free Fiction Friday’s. That may happen this week, next week, the week after. We’ll see how it goes. There’s no telling at this point when the reviews will be uploaded—but uploaded they WILL be. I am determined to not let this blog go astray this year!

PS: I named my new computer The Gilded Court (after the Felnatherin royal court from Khet… my novel that was almost eaten by the faulty hard drive, Nom Nom)—I know you were wondering after I declared that I always name my computer hardware. I’m still looking for a new name for Nom Nom; the name now seems kind of ominous.

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