Monday Update: No Reviews Today

Well, I said it might happen, and unfortunately, it will. There will be no Monday Review this week, but things should be back on schedule for Wednesday. I think things are finally starting to wind down.

Having gotten my new computer, we shortly discovered that it had a few problems. First of all, two of the four USB ports on the top didn’t work. The card reader drive was loose in the case, the DVD drive was shoved in from the wrong direction (and the only way to fix it is to remove the video card, the motherboard, then the drive, then the front of the case in order to put it back in the right way…. I swear I got the idiot of the bunch putting my computer together). Then, as if that wasn’t enough after the great file debacle, Windows kept crashing overnight with an NTFS file system error… which is a sign of a bad hard drive. (Irritatingly enough, my husband’s computer is just fine. We bought them from the same company on the same day. WTF.)

Between continuing to clean my house, working on fixing my computer, and going grocery shopping…. there wasn’t a lot of time over the weekend to read. Luckily, I think things are sorted now. We were able to fix the wires to the USB drives so they show up. We temporarily pinned in the card reader. We chose to leave the DVD drive alone..cause no one has time for that and I can count the number of times I’ve used a DVD drive in the last four years on one hand. We ran a long and irritating file check on my hard drive last night, and the good news is: it’s completely fine. Windows is just mean and errored-out due to Windows updates.  So, thankfully, I don’t have to ship my computer back to the manufacturer for 4 weeks while they fix everything. *thumbs up*

So, in reiteration: Review posts will start back up on schedule on Wednesday. I’ll be reviewing The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark. It’s a YA Contemporary Romance, and it’s pretty good. Keep your eyes peeled!