Writing Your Own Ebook Part Six – Creating the Ebook Framework

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If you decide on the DIY approach and are stuck with, e.g. Word, how do you get a clean result when you convert to Ebook?

Remember the “Garbage in Garbage out” maxim; you need a clean input file to get a clean output file.

There is no way around it, you are going to have to learn about some of the functions of Word that you may not have had any need to know about before. Specifically, you need to learn about:

  • How to Show all formatting tags
  • How to set up & use Style sheets (fiction writers may be able to get away with only three or four paragraph styles)
  • The Find/Replace function
  • Using Formatting tags

Key points about formatting your book!!!!

  • Remember that you will NOT be printing your Ebook file so it really doesn’t matter what the source file looks like. You don’t need to make it…

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