What it truly means to be a “dynamic” character

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business-silhouette-1016872-mI will always remember my eighth grade English teacher, who first taught me the difference between protagonists and antagonists in literature, as well as (and more importantly) static versus dynamic characters.

It’s a simple distinction that I’m sure you know:

  • STATIC CHARACTERS do not change over the course of the story or novel
  • DYNAMIC CHARACTERS do change in some way.

Something I find interesting, as an author, is considering the different ways a character can change. Being a “dynamic” character isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing; there all kinds of different changes human beings can undergo, for all kinds of different reasons (that will be the subject of my next post: temptation and opportunity.)

Characters can undergo just one kind of major change, or various types as the story develops. Characters can also undergo change to a greater or lesser degree: sometimes what’s important is not so much the change in itself…

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