Book Review: In The Arms of The Law

review-cover-in the arms of the lawTitle: In The Arms of The Law [Fortunes of Texas: Reunion 3]

Author: Peggy Moreland

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense

Rating: 4 Stars (4.5)




A young man’s body washes ashore near Ryan Fortune’s ranch—and everyone is surprised to see he has the famous Fortune crown birthmark. Could the mystery man really be “the lost Fortune”? Before Detective Andrea Matthews can find out, she has to convince her young, headstrong—and all right, she’ll admit it, sexy—partner Gabe Thunderhawk to stop thinking about his next promotion and start working as part of a team.

Being forced to operate together is tricky, though—especially as their oil-and-water personalities become mixed with something much more volatile: desire. In this job there’s no room for playing around with the laws of attraction.


I picked this book up as a bit of a light, easy read for over the holiday break—and purposefully because it wasn’t Christmas themed (I’ve had my share of those in the last few weeks), and a light easy read is exactly what I got. In The Arms of The Law by Peggy Moreland was a short 206 page read that followed the chaotic relationship of Andrea and Gabe, a police officer and a detective thrown together to solve the murder of a John Doe that literally just washed up out of nowhere.

The writing itself was clean, easy-to-follow, fluid, and lacked any major grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. The POV switched off between several characters within the story, but never felt confusing or jarring. I have to say, this was well written. My only gripe, if it is a gripe, is that the police work in the story felt like it was being dumbed down for me. Characters sometimes explained police procedure in dialogue when they didn’t need to (they are both cops after all… I’m sure they both know how a crime scene works). My hand was being held by the author, and though it wasn’t exceptionally irritating, it was obvious.

The characters themselves, while not overly complex were interesting. The author didn’t sink too deeply into character development, but it was enough for the genre/type of book this was. The romance was sizzling, and other than one or two parts where I rolled my eyes at Andrea’s exclamation of “Give it to me, now!” the sex scenes didn’t come across as overly flowery or ridiculously overdone. The tension between Andrea and Gabe was probably one of my favorite things about this book, and of all the characters, Gabe was probably my absolute favorite.

I do wish there’d been a little more tension to the criminal elements of the book, but I’m willing to admit that this book was heavily geared towards the romance genre. It wasn’t meant as a true Suspense/Thriller, and so I can let it go.  Was it the best romance I’ve ever read? No. It didn’t break the genre or present me with anything new, but it was still a fun, light, romantic read, and I enjoyed it. If you like formulaic romantic fiction, you’ll probably like this book. If you’re looking for something a little more intense and thought-provoking, this probably isn’t what you’re looking for.