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Going Against Expert Advice: Lessons Learned by a Newbie

Posted by Vivian Towers

As I start this article, I feel like Jerry McGuire when he wrote his Mission Statement. Some people disagreed with his concept of spending more time with his clients even if it meant less revenue for the company where he worked. But at the end of the movie, not only did he win the heart of his lovely wife but also came to learn many lessons about his craft. And this is my intention. I am writing this article to share with you how going against the grain can sometimes be painful to your ego, force you to take the longest distance to your destination and in some cases, you may have to reinvent yourself again. Would I change any of the actions I took that got me here today, No, I wouldn’t. It’s been a journey full of lessons and as I sit here, I know similar situations will be around the corner. But now, I will follow the expert advice that is readily available all over the internet.

So, I will share my story as I share some ideas that looking back would have made better sense and hope that at least for some of the newbies, this information will be helpful.

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I’d like to take a moment to point out Vivian Towers’ blog today, it’s got some good advice, and I hope you guys will take a look. If you take a good read-over of #8, some of you may recognize the harsh handiwork of yours truly.  I had some pretty painful comments for Vivian, but she bounced right back like a champ, and it turns out we get along pretty well. So make sure you give her article some views. 🙂