Book Review: Bourne & Tributary

review-cover-bourne and tributaryTitle: Bourne & Tributary [River of Time 4]

Author: Lisa T. Bergren

Genre: Historical, Romance, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Time Travel

Rating: 3 Stars




BOURNE, a novella, picks up right where TORRENT left off…Find out what has happened to men returning from the battle, gravely wounded, to the Betarrinis, fighting for the men they love, and just who is hunting them next…

TRIBUTARY, a novella, picks up a year after BOURNE… Lia struggles to overcome the fear that constant battle has heaped upon her; Gabi and Marcello face an unexpected crisis; and Lord Greco just may be ready to leave the grief and loss of his past behind him, so that he might grab hold of the future…


It’s a bit hard to qualify how I feel about Bourne & Tributary by Lisa T. Bergren. Unlike the previous three novels in the series, This, the fourth, is not a true novel, but an anthology containing two shorter novellas. Also, unlike the previous three novels, instead of following Gabi’s POV throughout the story, the viewpoints switch back and forth between a handful of characters, most notably Gabi’s younger sister, Lia.

On the one hand, it was interesting to see other POV’s this time around, and like the previous books, the writing was clear, easy to follow, and grammatically correct. On the other hand, I missed Gabi’s comfortable POV. I was used to Gabi, and being switched into different POV’s was a bit distracting. Unfortunately, Lia’s POV (which was the most often used) was extremely similar to that of Gabi’s. If I hadn’t know better, I would have thought them the same person… and that isn’t a good thing. I would have preferred the different viewpoints been more individual.

That aside, the stories were good, if short. Like the previous books in the series, Bourne & Tributary had elements of romance, adventure, and thrilling intrigue and battles. That said, I still wish there had been more to them. The conclusions to the stories seemed rushed, and I didn’t feel connected to any of the new viewpoints. In the end, the stories were so different than what I was used to with the previous novels that I found it hard to be drawn into the stories. The writing was good, the characters were my usual favorites… the elements of the story were there—but these two novellas didn’t draw me in. They didn’t feel like part of the series I’ve grown to love.

Overall, this was a decent addition to the River of Time series… but I could have done with out them. I wish this had been a true fourth book and not a set of novellas. They weren’t bad stories, but they weren’t what I was expecting, and in the end I didn’t like them as much as I’d hoped.  If you’ve been keeping up with this series, I’d certainly recommend that you give these novellas a look, but other than one major announcement, you aren’t going to miss anything by skipping them.