Book Review: Her Tom, Her Lover

reivew-cover-her tom her lover

Title: Her Tom, Her Lover

Author: Nicole Hofbrauhaus

Genre: Erotica, Romance, Fantasy, Novella

Rating: 2 Stars




First she gets dumped and then she can’t even get laid, but a curvy girl’s luck is about to change when she has a paranormal encounter with the cat shifter God of love.

He is a divine alpha beast, wild in bed, and powerful. His only weakness are her plump curves, which drive him crazy with desire. Is she voluptuous enough, sexy enough, to please an ancient god?

After a day like she had, she never thought she would have a chance to mate with a super-hot ancient werecat shifter god!


I came about this book in a rather unexpected way. I don’t have a problem with erotic fiction, but I tend to avoid it because more often than not, the writing is more trashy than erotic—particularly in shorter stories. So, as you can imagine, I was a little surprised to get an e-mail from Amazon saying that some random user I didn’t know had gifted me Her Tom, Her Lover. I shrugged, accepted the challenge to read through this novella (despite my misgivings… I am a book reviewer after all) and dug in. I really wish I hadn’t.

The novella started off all right. My original impression of the narrative was that it was written in an above-average manner. It wasn’t great, but it was easy to follow along with and somewhat engaging. That didn’t last long. The story was littered with typos, bad dialogue, and crass sex scenes that made the overall effect more of a comedy than an erotic novel. The author switched the gender of the god Bast, and basically had him sexually assault the main character. I’m sorry, but penetration of any kind without consent (specifically if she’s outright fighting it) is a form of rape. Period. The world building was non-existent. For heaven’s sake, a God that’s been around for thousands of years called a TV “the magic box”.

By the end of the story I could only shake my head. It was awful. It wasn’t sexy or erotic. The actions of “Bast” concerning the main character were in poor taste, and overall, I found the story insulting to me, as a woman. The only reason this book got 2 stars instead of 1 is because I finished reading it.