BIYC: Dynamic Characters

A great article on building dynamic characters – give it a read through!

A. C. Spahn

*Nonfiction* and *Fiction*

Whether you’re writing about real people who did real things, fictional people who do fictional things, or anecdotal people who prove your point in an informational book, you’re writing about characters. You’ve probably heard that dynamic characters are better than static characters. Yes, they are. But what does that actually mean?

Dynamic characters change over the course of the story. Static characters don’t. Dynamic characters move, adapt, learn, grow, and act. Static characters just come along for the ride.

Here are ten ways to improve the dynamism of your characters. Also, ten points to anyone who uses the word “dynamism” in a conversation this week. Tweet me and let me know if you do that.

1. Let conflicts play out naturally.
Two characters don’t like each other. Awesome! That’s conflict, and conflict is interesting. But wait; they’re supposed to be on the same team. How do we…

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