Characters, conflict, and gravy

An interesting article and perspective on character conflict how to look at character personalities and traits to better arrange said conflict.

Diamond State Romance Authors

reading in the yardMy writing ideas usually begin with the characters instead of the situation. When I talk about them, I can see people responding, and my beta-readers act as if they’re real people. But as I’m journeying toward publication, I’m hearing the same constructive criticism — “the romantic conflict isn’t quite strong enough.”

Huh? I have an exciting plot, characters that make people pay attention, and a situation that puts them at odds with each other. What else is necessary for romantic conflict?

The explanation I hear the most: “if they can solve the problem with a conversation, it’s not conflict.” I don’t mean to be flip, but that rule could be applied to anything, including peace in the Middle East. People don’t have that conversation, and I’ve read several novels recently where that’s the only conflict.

But digging deeper only got the more vague “whatever keeps the characters apart.” That answer is like…

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