Book Review: Alexander Death


Title: Alexander Death [The Paranormals 3]

Author: J.L. Bryan

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Urban, New Adult, Romance, Young Adult

Rating: 4 Stars




While Seth searches for Jenny, Dr. Heather Reynard of the CDC unravels Seth and Jenny’s secrets.

Alexander opens Jenny’s mind to her deep past, and to the full horrific extent of her powers.

Torn between her feelings for Alexander and Seth, and between her past lives and her present, Jenny must prepare to face her enemies, as well as the darkness within her…


I enjoyed this book a lot more than the second in the series, Tommy Nightmare; it was also more of a standalone, which was an improvement. I’m a firm believer that all books in a series should be able to standalone to some degree, because you never know when a new reader will be introduced into your series.

Technically speaking, like the other books in the Paranormals series, this book was well written. The writing was clean, easy-to-follow, engaging, and didn’t suffer from a lot of errors (as seems to be the norm with e-books these days). The story was jam-packed with tension, conflict, mystery, and romance—and there were more than a few times when I waffled on which side of the fence my loyalties lie. There was a lot of jumping around between characters, as with the other books, but I found it a little more engaging this time around. A lot more time was spent with Jenny (who is by far my favorite character), and it was nice to spend a lot less time with Ashleigh (the one character I truly can’t stand). If you’ve read the previous books in this series (and you should) you’ll find this installment a lot easier to follow than the second one, and it has some truly fantastic moments with Jenny and Alexander.

Now, from the parental view of things: There was a lot more adult content in this book that the previous two. There’s always been a few hints of drugs/sex in the books, but there was an egregious amount of bad decision making concerning cocaine and hallucinogenic mushrooms in this book (with few consequences to balance it out), and quite a few sexual moments. The sexy bits weren’t nearly as bad as most romance novels, but if you’re looking into buying this series for your Teen, you should be aware of the content first.

Last, but not least: the world building was really intriguing in this installment. It was nice to get more background on the paranormal (especially the plague-bringer) and get a peek into who these beings are and where they came from. If you’ve been waiting to learn more about where these teen’s powers came from, you’re going to get a big dose of knowledge in this book that I think was fascinating.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. I still hold the first book in the series as my favorite, but this one was certainly better than the second, and it had a great ending. If you enjoy gritty paranormal fantasy romance geared towards the new adult crowd, you may really enjoy this series. Give it a look.