3 Things you should do before hiring a copyeditor

A great post on what you should do before hiring a copyeditor. Very informative!

White Diamond Editing

Copyediting is an essential part of any writer’s life. Whether you are self-publishing or preparing your book for submission to an agent or publisher, you will at some point consider employing a professional copyeditor. However, many writers seem very unprepared for this very important stage of the book preparation process. As a result, many first-time writers submit their wares to publishers and agents in a very poor, unedited state. Even worse are the books that become self-published without even so much as a spell check.

As a copyeditor and proofreader, I have seen many books over the years from both authors and publishers that could have easily been improved by the author themselves before it was passed on to me, so in this post I thought I would use my experience to try and outline the three things I think every writer should do before employing the dreaded red pen of…

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