Book Review: Romancing The Wolf



Title: Romancing The Wolf

Author: Skye Eagleday

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Erotica

Rating: 1 Star




Other than feeling she’s the only sane one in her family, Bree loves her life as a role model recruiting female students into scientific careers. But a camping trip to a remote American Indian Reservation will place her in the middle of a Werewolf Full Moon Run. The Pack isn’t expecting to discover a beautiful curvy woman alone in such an isolated place. This encounter introduces Bree to a supernatural world in conflict with all of her years of scientific training. Bree’s instant and mutual attraction to Mikah, who goes furry once a month, will leave her breathless.

After meeting Bree, The Pack isn’t expecting to later discover a second beautiful, curvy woman, yet they are more than willing to introduce her to their savage sexual ways. But Delia has been looking for The Pack because she has something else in mind for them: she loves the idea of playing rough with werewolf boy toys – especially since they heal so quickly

The question is–can a Pack of passionate werewolves survive Bree and her sassy sister?


I read this book as part of the Fated Mates Box Set, so I am planning to give a review to each individual book in the set, and then the set as a whole at a later date. There are twelve books in the set, and it is currently for sale on Amazon for $0.99 at the time this review was written. This is book 7 of 12.

Did. Not. Finish. I tried hard to get through this book. I even set it aside for awhile and came back to it, but the truth is: this book was not well-written. Formatting errors aside (which seemed to bold and enlarge bits of dialogue throughout the book at random), the narrative was written in a very girly, juvenile tone—regardless of the gender or age of the actual characters. Sentences were littered with “junk words” like “so”, “just”, “really”, “quite” etc that made the writing come across as weak and boring. The dialogue was overly dramatic and unnatural, as if every page had to have some sort of punch-line. All I could think was “real people don’t talk like this… they don’t act this way.”

From the very first page, the story went on for a verbose amount of time going off on tangents that seemed completely irrelevant to the story itself. The first few pages were mostly backstory, “telling” explanation of irrelevant details, and very little actual, substantial content. The viewpoint seemed to change every few minutes, regardless of the fact that nothing was happening, and when something did happen, it was so utterly unbelievable that I was left rolling my eyes.

Here was this “science oriented” woman camping in the middle of the woods, and she gets set-upon by a group of werewolves who are high on ecstasy—and despite not knowing any of these men, and believing that werewolves didn’t exist before this point, she didn’t freak out at all to find five naked men surrounding her tent (after first meeting the wolves). She even had sex with one of them. By chapter two they were living together.  The rushed pace of this story was ridiculous, and there wasn’t a single bit of it that was in any way believable.

The sex itself was detailed in a way that made it seem clinical and not-at-all appealing. When an entire paragraph is wasted on the character explaining how she video tapes herself masturbating in order to better pleasure herself…and describes, in detail, her vibrator and how it should be used… you’ve just gone too far. I began to flip past pages (they dragged on forever) of sex because it was so boring.

To be honest, it felt as if this story was mostly wish-fulfillment. It wasn’t believable, and frankly, it wasn’t appealing. By the time I got to the third chapter, I was so disgusted I had no desire to continue reading. I would not read this book again. I didn’t like it, and I can’t recommend it. There may be someone out there who finds this kind of thing titillating, and to each his own, but it wasn’t for me. There are so many really great shifter-romance books out there, and I can’t say that this was one of them.

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