Free Fiction Friday #22


Hello ladies and gentlemen of blogland, and welcome to Free Fiction Friday #22! For those of you aren’t aware of what FFF’s are: Every Friday I post an article containing 10-20, 100% FREE on Amazon, 4+ star novels for you to enjoy over your long weekend. I generally try to stick to full length novels (not novellas) that have more than 40+ reviews (but sometimes I can’t) of a particular genre. This week, our theme is: Science Fiction->Dystopian.


6 thoughts on “Free Fiction Friday #22

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  2. Hey Mio… uh I hate to do this here where people can see but you said you’re too busy to check your mail and I don’t know how else to contact you… do you have any idea on roughly when you’ll have your buffer up? I’m in a phase where money is a bit worrying and I’m hoping we can get that sorted soonish if at all possible?


    • honestly i have no idea. as I’ve said before, I’m super busy so I’m squeezing in what I can, where I can, but I can’t give you an estimate. My schedule changes on a day to day basis. I know you’re impatient to get started, but pushing isn’t going to make anything happen any faster. Assume it’s going to be awhile.


      • Right… I was afraid of that… if you have a chance can we at least talk about price sometime soon? I don’t know exactly what my finances are going to be doing (I’m hoping either that my jobseekers allowance or a job will show up soon, but so far neither have). It would just be usefull to me to know how much I’ll be oweing you so I have a better idea where I stand when it comes to thinks like friends inviting me out and shopping and so on… sorry for the hassle…


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