Monday Check-In


Oh man, what a week (and weekend) it was this past week! I failed horribly at putting up Free Fiction Friday, but we’ll get to that. First of all, my to-do for this week:

  1. Read something. Anything. Because I’ve been slacking the last two weeks. I had three weeks lined up of book reviews, so I took the opportunity to do anything except read the past week or two. Because I could. Because I wanted time to work on the plotline of my novel and sort my e-book library (which… I have 15,000 books left to catalogue out of 22,000. I’m not kidding). I just didn’t make time to read. So this week, I need to do that. Mostly because I don’t have a review article scheduled for Thursday yet.
  2. Work on my novel. I do feel as if I got quite a lot done over the last week on my novel—don’t get me wrong. I spent three days re-writing the entire plot. I spent the weekend going over my very brief plotline to try and fill things out, iron out details etc., but I’m only up to the 12th chapter on the second draft of the plotline. I need to get through that so I can get to the writing part. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time balancing background noise with work. I find if I work without any sort of background noise, I end up getting distracted and finding chores to do in order to fill the silence…but if I –do- have background noise, I end up getting distracted by that too! Maybe because I choose YouTube and Netflix as my background noise. It’s a problem. I know.
  3. Do chores. I’ve been very proud of myself these last three weeks. I’m normally the type of person to put off doing any chore until I have no choice but to do it. I’m a slob…. so dishes? Only done when I can no longer find a spoon. But these past few weeks I’ve been all caught up. I kept my house clean, did dishes/laundry every day.. it was freeing!… and then this weekend I decided to make a huge dinner for my family and went from zero dishes to an entire kitchen full of dishes within 4 hours. I haven’t gotten to them yet. I swear I will.
  4. Post a large Free Fiction Friday this week. I’ve been really bad the past three weeks. It’s not that I so much forgot about Free Fiction Friday… it’s just that my mind has been on so many other things that by the time I remember I need to do Free Fiction Friday.. it’s like.. 10pm and I decide it’s easier to skip this week. I need to catch up. Here’s the problem: right now due to working situations, my family is split. The person I rely on the most to help keep things on track during the week is now gone 5 sometimes 6 days out of every week.. this has been going on for a little over six months now. Meanwhile I’m left with all the chores, taking care of a 10 yr. old, dealing with school, meals, weekly doctors appointments….all on my lonesome (did I mention I don’t have a car, making this 10x more difficult?). I can do it, but by Thursday or Friday (when my family is back together after a long week) I then have two days to plan my grocery shopping, spend time with missing family members, etc. before Monday hits and we’re split up again. So, as you can imagine, Fridays are very stressful, very busy days for me. I’m trying to push through and get these things posted, but if I miss them here and there, I apologize. I may move Free Fiction Fridays to Thursday and give myself a longer weekend if this begins to be a trend – at least till all this travelling is sorted out. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was still ironing out my posting schedule!

That aside, I currently have three book reviews written and waiting to be posted this week: The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. It was a really good series, so I can’t wait to have the articles out. I have no idea what I’ll be posting Thursday, but if I can get a handle on #1 up there, an article will be in the works. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Keep reading!

P.S. Enjoy the picture of Imhotep, my 11 yr. old male Sokoke—lovingly referred to as my Fuzzy Baby. If he looks annoyed it is only because I’d woken him from his nap.