Getting Back Into The Swing of Things




Hello ladies and gentlemen of blogland! It’s good to be back. After quite a long, rather shaky absence due to illness and the holidays, I’m happy to report that I am getting back into my workload. I promised myself that I’d get back to work, and so here I am. Now that I’ve gotten my schedule worked out, it goes something like this:

Monday –> Thursday: Book Reviews & Random Writing/Book-Related Articles

Friday: Free Fiction Fridays! (YAY)

Saturday –> Sunday: I take the weekend off. I have a life too. Dishes/Laundry need to be done. So does grocery shopping.

So starting Monday you guys should be getting a lot more articles headed your way. I’ve got Reviews/FFF’s booked up till the 10th of February right now, so there should be plenty to keep your WordPress Reader’s busy in the upcoming weeks. I’m slowly peeling through my TBR (to-be-read) list a book or two at a time. I’ve probably tore through at least 4-6 books just in the past two days, and I’m itching to get some reviews out shortly—so stay tuned!

P.S. Most annoying thing ever: Trying to get books read so you can post reviews… only to discover that one of your books doesn’t release till April… so you can’t post the review. Seriously. Ow.

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