Free Fiction Friday #15

Hey guys! It’s Free Fiction Friday, and for once, I’m actually home to do it. You may have noticed articles have been a bit spotty lately. I apologize for that. A while back (incase you missed the info) I got super sick. I had an ear-infection that just wouldn’t go away, and on the 8th day my eardrum ruptured. Chaos ensued and eventually I had 2 ER trips (once because of my ear, another because I was allergic to the antibiotics and stopped breathing), and a million doctor appointments while they tried to sort out my deafness (I lost hearing in both ears). Craziness. Eventually we cleared it up though, and I managed to survive, and realizing that I am constantly sick, my doctor finally agreed to send me for allergy testing.

I was tested for 140 allergens and as it turns out, I’m allergic to all but three of them. 6 of them are severe allergies that now require me to carry around a couple of Epi-pen’s incase my body decides to kill me. (I’m allergic to basically every plant on earth, cats (I have three), dogs, dust, feathers… it’s ridiculous.)Needless to say, it’s been crazy and I’ve been in-and-out of the doctor’s office for the last several weeks. I now take weekly allergen shots (as part of my allergy therapy to try and lesson my reactions) and take a crap-ton of meds just to function. Yay me? My point is: I’ve been really busy lately, so I apologize for the gaps in articles from week to week. I’m trying to be a little more reliable, but working within my new schedule is still giving me headaches.

ANYWAYS… it’s Friday, and that means FREE BOOKS! It’s going to be a bit of a mish-mash today. Here are some 4+ Star rated e-books from Amazon. All 100% free. Enjoy!