Free Fiction Friday #12

Hello ladies and gentlemen of blogland! This post is way overdue. I’ve been really sick lately so I’ve missed out on a few weeks of FFF’s, so this week I’ll do an extra long post to make up for it. I am starting to feel better and I’m going back to the doctors on Monday, so hopefully we can get my immune system sorted out and back on track. Thank you everyone for the well wishes.

For those of you who are new to Free Fiction Friday, every week I pick a very specific genre, and offer up 10 free books that are 4+ stars and 100% free on Amazon for my followers to enjoy over the weekend. I know everyone looks forward to it (if my stats are any indication) so check back in every Friday for new books!

This week we’ll be delving into good ole’ fashioned Sword & Sorcery titles from Fantasy/Science Fiction. See you next Friday!