Being Sick Sucks

Hey guys! I decided to check in today because I hadn’t for awhile, and I know as the Friday’s roll on by that people are wondering where the posts are. So here’s the thing:

Several weeks ago I got sick. I had an earache that didn’t want to go away. On day 8 of this earache, my eardrum ruptured due to the infection, and I went to the ER. They gave me meds and sent me home, and a few days later I went to a surgeon to talk about getting my eardrum fixed. He gave me more meds, trying to clear out the infection, and sent me home. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to my medication and ended up back in the ER. They gave me more meds, and sent me home.

After a week, my ear finally stopped hurting and leaking ooze, and my hearing came back (partially). I went back to the doctors where I was told I had water on my eardrum still. I was given yet more meds, and sent home for two weeks with plans to put tubes in my ears if it didn’t clear up.

A week has passed since then. I’m still sick. My right ear has healed, and I can hear fine out of it. The problem is, after all the meds I received my immune system was shot to hell. I immediately contracted Oral Thrush. For those of you who don’t know what Thrush is: sometimes when a person’s immune system is shot to hell, all of the good bacteria in their body (that helps them digest food and keep the bad bacteria at bay) dies. In it’s absence, the body goes haywire. The bad bacteria and natural fungi that live in a person overgrow and start eating your body alive. In particular, the yeast fungi that live in all people (particularly in the mouth) decide it’s a free-for-all, and before you know it, your mouth breaks out in a rash, your tongue swells up, and the skin in your mouth starts sloughing off. It’s like leprosy of the mouth. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable, and it bleeds…and I have it.

Having had it before, I immediately went into action and changed my diet. For the next few weeks I cannot eat anything with sugar in it. That means ALL pre-processed foods, fruits, some vegetables, and all grains. What does that leave me with? Meat, green vegetables, and live-culture yogurt. I miss food. Anyways, because my immune system is shot, this has now moved into my throat (which is disgusting trust me). My tonsils are now swollen and bloody and spotted, and now that they’re swollen… I’ve gone deaf in the OTHER ear. Cause that’s just what I needed.

So, I promise, I’m still alive, but I’m off and away most of the time trying to recover from what started as a simple ear-ache. My body hates me. I go back to the doctor next Monday, we’ll see how it goes then. So if I’m not around, understand that it’s because I’m truly ill and trying my best to recover… I’m not just lazy. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some posts to share. I luff you guys ❤

8 thoughts on “Being Sick Sucks

  1. And now I’m gonna start up a game of Dante’s Inferno, fight my way to Miss Fortune and beat the crap out of her. Your name shall be my battle cry!

    But seriously; good God almighty why can’t you get a break?! Thing were ridiculous enough as it was. I really hope you start to feel better soon.


  2. Girl, you must have the worst luck! I know it sucks being sick, I had tonsillitis due to a gum infection and it was not fun at all. Going to both the dentist and doctor was a ton of fun because they kept contradicting each other. But I had my writing to keep me sane. In fact, I wrote so much I actually picked up old abandoned projects and reworked them LOL!

    Anyway, hang in there, watch comedies, listen to good music and surround yourself with positivity. <3!


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