I went to the ER!

Hey guys! I just wanted to drop in a quick note to say that I may be gone for awhile (at least a few days? It’s all uncertain right now). For those of you who saw my post yesterday about my terrible ear ache, here’s the scoop:

So last night my ear was driving me INSANE. It hurt so bad. Finally, I went to bed for the night, and when I woke up this morning I sat up…. and liquid started pouring out of my ear. No kidding. It was scary – but it was clear and watery, so although I freaked out a little, I shrugged it off. Then around 9 pm tonight my ear started draining again.. this time with blood. So I rushed to the local ER, sat there for hours, and learned that apparently, I’ve ruptured my ear drum. My ear was so infected that it was swollen and filled with blood/pus behind my eardrum..and finally it had enough and POOF! it broke. I can no longer hear out of that ear. I just got home a few minutes ago (finally) with a prescription for some heavy pain pills and antibiotics.

Starting tomorrow I will have to go to a plastic surgeon to see about getting my ear repaired. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix my eardrum – otherwise, I may be completely deaf in that ear forever. I will never underestimate an ear infection again. Bleh. Anyways, I’m going to go to bed – I have to get up early tomorrow to visit the pharmacy and see about arranging that plastic surgeon. If you don’t see me around for a few days, assume I went off to have surgery or I’m sleeping off ear pain. I hope everyone else is well this week.

17 thoughts on “I went to the ER!

  1. That’s awful! I had my eardrum burst a few years ago as well and just like you, it was because I underestimated an ear infection. Amazingly, despite my terrible immune system, with some ear drops the eardrum pretty much healed itself. I had to spend a week in bed because I was so dizzy I could barely walk, mind you.

    Seriously, feel better! I know your pain.


    • Thank you! I have heard that most of the time eardrums will heal on their own – unfortunately the ER doctor I saw said the hole in my eardrum is too large and will probably require surgery if I don’t want the damage to be permanent. Just the luck of the draw I guess! I do feel blessed I haven’t gotten motion sick like so many others. It’s more of an irritation than anything :/


  2. Holy smackerdoodles that sounds bad! I’m gonna remember this story, so that if ever my ear aches I’ll know better than to ignore it. Hope you feel better soon and can get that ear fixed.


  3. Oh my god, that’s awful D:!!!! I seriously hope they can fix your ear!
    Good luck with the surgery, and I hope it starts feeling better soon :(.


    • Thank you charles, I appreciate it! I’m taking it in pretty good humor right now. I was deaf as a child until I was around 4 (and had surgery to repair it), so i know if I have to, I can live with being partially deaf, but man is it annoying. I’m just excited to have some pain meds and antibiotics! Best news i’ve had all week – even if it did require an ER trip.


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