Ear infections are like slow torture.

You can skip this post… I’m mostly writing it to keep myself occupied. Last week I started to get an ear ache. It wasn’t that bad at first, just a little annoying. By Friday though it was annoying the crap out of me. My ear hurt so bad my jaw was starting to go tense. I did what any desperate person would do and looked up home remedies for earaches. My friend the internet informed me that I could clear out my ear with some watered down peroxide and it would help to kill off any germs if there was an infection. So that’s what I did. It seemed to help.

Two days later, my ear had stopped hurting, but I was still partially deaf in that ear. No matter, I thought. I kept clearing it out as best I could, taking anti-inflammatory meds, and learned to live with the annoyance.

Today I woke up and my ear was hurting again. I am completely deaf on my right side at the moment and my ear hurts SO MUCH. I’ve tried –everything- heat compresses, ice packs, hot baths, peroxide, pain killers.. you name it… and it just won’t stop. My jaw / lymph nodes have gotten so swollen that my ear canal is completely closed and I can no longer close my mouth completely on the right side of my face. The muscles are too tense. I am in agony.

Unfortunately, I just switched insurance providers and so I can’t go to the doctors for antibiotics until A) my insurance card comes in, and B) I can find a new doctor on the plan that’s accepting patients.… but MY GOD, I am going insane. There’s nothing I can do but suffer through it and look on the bright side: I can stay up all night and work on my writing … cause there’s no way I’m going to be sleeping!

At this point, I would literally stab myself in the ear with an icepick if I thought it would in anyway release the pressure/pain on my eardrum right now. This is slow torture.

/End Rant

4 thoughts on “Ear infections are like slow torture.

  1. Aww, that sounds awful :(! I hope your ear starts to get better soon. Feeling any better today?


    • It does feel better today after like 4 hours of an icepack.. problem is I think that’s partly because I ruptured my ear drum last night. I’m still completely deaf on that side,b ut now my ear is leaking water too – which is apparently what that means.


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