I can draw… sometimes.

Today my stats suck. Like literally, I’ve had 10 views. This is mostly due to the fact that I haven’t posted anything today (I try to space out my posts to every other day to keep my stats rather evenly spaced through the month). Anyways, since my next book-related post is going to be tomorrow when I do a review of Valentina Goldman’s Immaculate Confusion by Marisol Murano, I figured I’d fill the gap today with some art. Why? Because I can… and I don’t post my art here very often. Enjoy.

These are just a few of my favorites I’ve done recently (before my Wacom decided to die at the beginning of summer). All works are Copyright to me. Characters are Copyright their respective owners. For more info on those you can find the original works in my DeviantART gallery. Most of these were commissions I was paid to do, others were things I did because I was bored. The last nine were charity work for a Secret Santa charity project. P.S. I’m not sure why wordpress decided to shrink all the images down to 1/2 their size, but you can find the full size ones in my gallery (link above).

2011-COM24-CG12011-COM29-CGBW2011-chunky speedpaint-cg72011-COM33-CG5V82011-Dragon-CG2011-Scarlet-CG3gytashfinal22011-Self Portrait-CG5lizfinishedangelsketch8elizadoneTonyaSketch950sonyasharpKardeenfullsharpAB50katyxbairei18szajnie55nycix49glaciesclover48epicspacebadger67athenica28remiiyu83s-hui75fienamckaren

8 thoughts on “I can draw… sometimes.

  1. Do I see a few Cadejo in there? Why yes I do!

    I don’t recognize a few of those pictures. I may need to go back to DA and take a look (haven’t been on there in a while). Heck, maybe I should have commissioned YOU to do Rose.


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