Free Fiction Friday #11

Ladies and gentlemen, I was almost late with Free Fiction Friday this week. You may have noticed my posts have been rather sparse this week and that is due entirely to the fact that although I am no longer 5 years old, I managed to get an ear infection earlier in the week. I have quite literally spent the past four days deaf in my right ear. I swear it hurts so much my jaw’s actually gone tense with the swelling. I feel so badly for small children now. Anyways, I’m toughing through it (I’m in the middle of an insurance change so I literally can’t go to the doctor for antibiotics for another couple of weeks) but already it’s somewhat better today than yesterday. At least I haven’t taken several doses of pain medication yet today, so that’s something.

Anyways, to get on with things: This is FREE FICTION FRIDAY! The one day of the week where I grab 10 free e-books off Amazon (all from the same genre) and hand them out like free candy so that you (my audience) won’t be bored over the weekend. (I’ll certainly be staying in bed reading this weekend.) So, have a look through these 100% free e-books while you can, and everyone have a lovely weekend. I’ll be back next Friday with another 10! These are all 4+ Star rated on Amazon.

This week, our genre is Teen / Young Adult Romance.

cover-Invisiblecover-TheMindReaders5.5"X8.5" Post Card Templatecover-bloodlikepoisoncover-boundcover-becomecover-spadescover-findingedencover-myboyfriendmerlincover-inquest