Research: The Author’s Success Tool

Another great post from chrismcmullen, this time on the importance of research when writing. Give it a look, it has a lot of good information!


Authors can improve their books’ chances of success significantly by doing some research.

This research can take a variety of forms:

(1) Before writing the book, browse through search results to see what similar books are already on the market.

  • Are any of these books selling well? If not, this book may have very limited potential.
  • Is the market already saturated? If there are numerous books in the genre, yet several are selling well (especially, if this includes indie authors), then there may be room for one more. A category that has wide appeal can have numerous books and still not be saturated. But if there is a topic where there are many books, but there is little demand, that is a saturated market.
  • Can you compete with these other books? Are all of the top sellers from big-name authors and publishers? There may already be small-time success among similar…

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