100 Followers & The Blog Award of Awesomesauce


The day has finally come! After running this blog for 150 Days, I have finally reached 100 Followers that are purely from the WordPress Community (Not including facebook, twitter, etc). YAY! It’s a small milestone, but it’s one I’m glad to have met. In celebration, I would like to award all of my followers with The Blog Award of Awesomesauce (which I just invented) to show my appreciation for how awesome you guys are.

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I created this blog on a whim near the end of January, but I sure didn’t expect such a lovely, warm community. Everyone here has been so helpful and supportive – even to a nobody like me – so thank you everyone for being made up of so much awesomesauce. ❤

You don’t have to do anything to win this award (except be awesome). No need to post a chain-letter reply of questions and a list of other people to tag. This is just for you. So grab it, stuff it on your awards list, and appreciate the fact that you made someone else’s year a joy. Thank you for taking the time to favorite, repost, and comment on my daily drivel. I’ve made friends with so many new people since I’ve been here, and I truly appreciate how kind and friendly everyone’s been. You guys are AWESOME.

Yes, I drew it. I suck at Photoshop. LOL

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