Seeking Guest Bloggers!

Amber Skye Forbes is looking for some guest bloggers for next week. If you’re interested, be sure to check it out!

Amber Skye Forbes

tumblr_mmvs8zWBO21ru3ss4o1_500I would love some guest bloggers for next week. There will be one guest post a day starting Monday, and the topics are first come, first serve. I will cross out the topics as they are taken by whoever wants the topic first. Here are the topics:

1. Your writing processThe Irish Wench

2. Advice you would give to aspiring writersQuincy Allen

3. How you come up with titles for your WIPsCharles Yallowitz

4. What publishing route you think is best for you (traditional, partner publishing, self-publishing, ect…) and whysabooke

5. Why you write isabellaemilymarks

6. What inspires your writing the mosterickeys

7. How you deal with self-doubt as a writer Mariah

Those are all the topics! Choose from one, comment, and if you comment first, I’ll cross it out and put your name next to it to show you own the topic. The blog posts…

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