Creative Writing Tip: If you don’t respect characters you need your readers to root for, something’s wrong

This is a great post on how we should, at the very least, be able to respect our characters, even if we don’t like them. Personally I think this applies not only to Hero’s, but Villains as well! There’s nothing more charismatic than a villain that we respect despite their many moral flaws. Check it out!

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1055796_whats_in_a_wordThis post is all about respecting your characters: at least, characters of the hero variety.

I’m reflecting on my first attempt at writing The King’s Sons (which releases TODAY!), when I had to start over with a new plot after 100 pages. Yikes!

If this is your first stop to my blog this week–hello, and welcome!–, the first post of the series outlines four major ways I messed up in approaching that first “first draft.” Upon reflection, I realized I made a lot of mistakes that led to the need to rewrite.

This post today is about the fourth error: I kept writing about a heroine I didn’t particularly like, or respect.

Like versus Respect

First off, like and respect are two different things. I don’t think it’s particularly necessary for an author to “like” all her hero characters, especially when you have a group of them the way my…

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