Writers Must Live to Write, Not Write to Live

A great article and reminder to our fellow writers that sometimes you need to step back and take a break. Don’t let your current writing project beat you into submission. Go out, get some sunshine, and then come back with a fresh look at things.

Amber Skye Forbes

tumblr_mn7cz2UitI1srvlz1o1_400 Writing is super time-consuming. It requires that we become hermits for days, sitting in our rooms, pounding on our keys, having to order crappy Pizza Hut pizza. We have to ignore phone calls and decline friends’ invites to go somewhere. But do we really have to do any of this, or are we so inundated with the myth that in order to be a successful writer, we must write ALL THE TIME?

It’s tempting to drown yourself in writing because you have this goal and in order to meet that goal, you have to write a lot. But it also becomes a very lonely life, and I think that loneliness will eventually muddle your writing because you’re not living anymore: you’re simply existing in this sphere of writing that prevents you from obtaining any life experience that can add spice to your writing.

Two summers ago my dad told me…

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