My Favorite Day of the Month Has Arrived!

ImageWhat is that you ask? Vaginal-Fantasy hangout night!

…. and then a lot of you did a double take.

Let me explain. I’m part of a book-club on Goodreads called Vaginal-Fantasy. It’s basically a bookclub where a bunch of us get together to read romance novels… mostly sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal stuff, but sometimes historical and other topics too. Men and women are both welcome. The group is lead by Felicia Day, Kiala Kazbee, Bonnie Burton, and Veronica Bellmont.

Every month they pick a “main” book for us to read, and an “alternate” just in case, and the last Tuesday of the month, they get together for a Google+ Hangout, and discuss it while the rest of us hangout in the chat, ask questions, etc, and watch along.

Seriously, if you love romance novels like I do, you have to come check out the hangout. These ladies are HILARIOUS. They sit around, drink booze, gossip about their lives, and the books…. often argue their very different opinions, and for the most part, it’s just a hilarious, relaxing evening where we discuss our love of the romance genre. The hangout is on the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube tonight at 8PM PST.

I am so completely addicted to this book club – it’s the reason I started reading again after many years of not being able to find the time… and look where that’s gotten me. My family has now learned that book-club night is the one night of the month I am not to be disturbed. Otherwise, homicide may ensue.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about the VF Bookclub here: on Goodreads. There are links available to the various sites the hangout appears from there. 🙂

13 thoughts on “My Favorite Day of the Month Has Arrived!

  1. Since the day draws close where the big group discussion will be happening, can you please tell me how I actually participate in the google+ hangout XD I have looked but couldnt find a ‘how to join in’ page ^^;
    Also have you read the books yet?! Im writing a review of one now, but im not going to publish it until the group discussion is happening.


    • I haven’t read them yet T_T hard to find the time this month, but i’ll still be at the hangout. If you watch the geek and sundry channel/page, they’ll announce a link to the hangout and then all you gotta do is show up and watch 🙂 it’s sort of like watching a livestream. it’s always the last tuesday of the month at 8pm PST


        • If I don’t have it read before the hangout, I’ll probably read them right after XD I’m not one of those people who cares about spoilers, so it won’t ruin my enjoyment to watch the hangout first XD


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  3. I hear you. The closest one to me is an hour’s drive. 😦

    btw, Loved your concept art videos. Most people just play the speeded up version, with no narration. It was fun to listen to you gab while working.


    • haha thank you. I actually asked my watchers on deviantart a head of time which they would prefer and everyone voted for me to talk :3 I ramble a bit, but it gives me a better opportunity to kind of explain my process :3


  4. Thanks for the post Cary. You would think by now I’d have heard of the Geek & Sundry website, but I hadn’t. I’m now a fan. 🙂 I was also impressed by the VF real world hangouts. There’s a TON. I hope some of the other Goodreads groups have such proactive hangouts. 🙂 It’s all about interacting with readers.


        • you know, i’m not sure exactly, there’s literally hundreds of people who watch the google hangout (it’s posted to the geek and sundry channel now if you missed it), but i’m sure there’s quite a few. I know for certain at least two of the core group who run the club are both authors themselves.


          • Oh, you meant the video. Yeah, I watched some of it today. It was pretty funny. I thought you meant you’d gone to one of the live events. The VF group on Goodreads has chapters all over the U.S. for live get togethers. I haven’t seen the other groups I belong to pushing so hard for an active real world community. It seemed like a smart idea, especially for authors wanting to connect with actual readers.


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