Burned Out

Ugh. What a week. So  last week.. was it last week? or maybe the week before.. I can’t even tell anymore… Anyways–I spent 3 weeks working on my last commission and by the end of it I was so burned out on art that I ended up turning down my next two commissions in favor of some much needed down-time and some editing.

Well, the down-time went well. I played Minecraft, The Last Story, watched season after season of Fringe, even dabbled with a few indie games. I mowed my lawn, I made cookies, I washed dishes and laundry…

…and I got about 5 pages of my novel, Tale of the Kihmera, edited.

I suck.

So it brought me to a question this morning: Does anyone else out there in the short list of my followers edit or write more than one novel at a time?

I feel right now that it may be the only way I’m productive at all. I’ve always been the type of writer who works on a chapter here or there of various stories as the mood strikes me. Sometimes I can push through it (like for NaNoWriMo) and get a bunch done on one story in a very condensed space of time, but most of the time, I work in bits and pieces to avoid feeling “stuck” on any particular story. Sometimes my brain just freezes up and the only way to get past the frustration is to move on to another project for awhile. Unfortunately, that sounds a bit like procrastination, but it seems to help.

At the present moment I have 9 novels sitting in my “writing folder”. Four of those are nearly finished with the first draft, and 2 are on the second draft, waiting to be cleaned up. Sometimes I stare at that folder and think: “does anyone else ever write like this?” Maybe it’s just that I have trouble sticking to one project… maybe I just can’t contain my enthusiasm for new ideas and feel like I need to work on them before the idea leaves my head… .and maybe I’m just being non-committal about my projects. I don’t know.

Anyone else feeling a little scatterbrained with their projects lately? Lord knows I could use some words of wisdom right now.



10 thoughts on “Burned Out

  1. I do! I write two or three things at the same time. if i try to just work on one project I will get bored with it and it will sit in purgatory forever without being touched!


    • finally someone just like me! haha I’m the same.. i’ll get burned out on it if I sit on one project for a long time and then it gets harder and harder to work on it until I stop all together.. switching gears to something new seems to help my brain get past the block… my brain gets continuous exercise, and I get work done.. though it does mean my projects go a little slower overall.


  2. I, personally, have never worked on writing more than one book at a time. I actually can’t even work on editing one and writing another. I need one story to be finished before even CONTEMPLATING touching another.

    I think my eyes widened a full inch when I read that you were working on nine (NINE?!) at once. I’m incredibly impressed by that. How in the world do you manage having all of those stories in your head at the same time?


    • haha, im’ not sure really. sometimes I just get ideas, and maybe it’s my OCD, but they get stuck in my head and I -have- to get the project started or it’s all I can think about until I do XD So I tend to work on one till I get a block, then I move on to another. It keeps my brain active, but it does slow down my projects XD


      • I can definitely understand the feeling of NEEDING to start on one once an idea pops into your head about it, but while I’m working I never let an idea get past an errant thought (I store it in the For Later Use file in my brain).

        I can see how that would cause some major slowdowns with working, lol. But hey, whatever works, right? At least you’re doing something (or ninethings) productive. And at the end, you’ll have a LOT of books. XD


  3. I didn’t used to be. I used to like working on one thing at a time (art-wise) so that one project gets my complete focus and I refused to move onto anything else until that was done. That all changed about a year ago when I started a project so huge that I just couldn’t keep going with it and I needed a break. I was afraid of doing that (multiple things at a time) because I thought I’d end up going super slow/not finishing those as well. That pretty much happened x’D So now I’m trying to catch up with everything and avoiding new big projects just to get all the older ones done. I’m slowly getting used to doing many projects at once, but I think at heart, I’m not a multitasker with art.

    For writing, I had one book I’ve been working on for years now. I constantly get writer’s block and I’m really slow with it since it takes a lot of planning out and such before I can do anything with it. To get back on track, I started a second easier book to get me out of my rut. It definitely worked and now I’m writing two books at once. I have to say that writing multiple books at once is MUCH easier to me than drawing multiple pictures at once, haha.

    I think it helps to write down everything you have to do. I have lists of things and it feels great to see them slowly get crossed off. It also helps remind me of what I have to do x’D I’m so forgetful! Lol.

    I wish you luck though! Who knows, maybe you just need a break from your break? x’D


    • haha thanks :3 that does help. I’m the same way with my art – i have to do it one at a time or I never get back to certain projects XD but for some reason writing seems to be easier to switch back and forth with. I’m glad i’m not the only one!


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