Happy Easter!


Happy Easter everyone! Even if you’re not religious (I’m not) you can still celebrate chocolate bunny day. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to chocolate – it makes me horribly ill… so my Easter rabbit is not chocolate, but I’ll still enjoy it nonetheless!

In other news, I shall be doing an author interview with Michelle Bellon, Author of Rogue Alliance shortly, so keep your eyes peeled! And if you’ve got nothing to read this week, take a look at Trail of Bones by Chris Salisbury. April 4-5th it will be free in the Amazon store. It’s got elves, shapeshifters, and lots of magic (Epic Fantasy Genre). It’s written as ages 12+ (and seems to fit the middle-grade / YA fiction genre pretty well from what I’ve read… I’m not finished with it yet) so it would make a good gift for any younger readers you may know. Be sure to check it out :3


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