This Week’s Musings


(Unfinished WIP for my latest commission above. (c) Copyright Cary Morton / DarlingMionette)

Oh man was the weekend busy, and now this week too! I spent my weekend working on a sketch for my latest art commission over at DeviantART. As you can see from the picture above, I haven’t gotten all that far yet (she’ll eventually be a many-horned demon warrior), but things are slow going this time around. I’ve promised my watchers that I’ll be recording the whole process, and unfortunately, the compiling of the video is taking FOREVER. Still, I’m hoping to have it done before spring break next week. Let me pose a question to my readers: Do you guys like/dislike it when I post about art? I realize this is a book blog, but art is such a heavy influence in my life, that sometimes I like to share and post sketches and stuff I’ve been working on. If you guys don’t particularly care or don’t want to see it, it doesn’t hurt my feelings, and I’ll try to keep my art posting to a minimum. However, if you guys don’t mind seeing sketches/paintings (along with other book-related postings) then I’ll just keep throwing in lil bits here and there. I like images in blog posts, I find it so much more interesting than plain text.

In other news, I was very excited over the weekend to discover that Roxanne Snopek, Author of His Reluctant Rancher that I reviewed near the end of February had re-tweeted my review to a bunch of people. I’m still new to this reviewing game, and it’s just mind-boggling to find that the authors of books I love are actually reading the stuff I’m writing about their work. (and liking what I have to say enough to bother sharing it with other people). I’m such a huge fan-girl for authors (perhaps because I’m striving to be one), and I still squee over getting the personal notes and comments.

On top of that, I was contacted just this afternoon by David Lynch of David Lynch Digital Publishing, and was asked if I’d be willing to do some reviews for some upcoming books his company is promoting/publishing this month. Again, it’s just mind-boggling to have people personally e-mailing me asking for my opinion. Best hobby ever. Between that, and some new books I’ve acquired on NetGalley this week,there should be a lot of new reviews coming out very shortly. Keep your eyes peeled!