Friday Musings


(WIP for my commission above)

This week has crept by at a snail’s pace and yet I still feel like I haven’t gotten anything done. I’ve spent the entire week working on a commission, but unfortunately, it’s not finished yet. I’m hoping to have it done by Monday. Meanwhile, I’ve -almost- completed Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I’m part of Vaginal Fantasy Hangout book club on Goodreads, and it was our main pick for this month. Although I had my reservations at first, it’s turning out to be quite a good book. I’ll definitely have to look into getting the rest of the series.

Unfortunately, I got absolutely no sleep last night due to the addition of a head cold I acquired yesterday. I feel like crap, and unfortunately, the lack of sleep, dizziness and sniffling seems to be eating me alive. I’ll just be happy if I can stay conscious long enough to go grocery shopping today, let alone work on that commission or read.

You will all learn shortly that I have the worst immune system ever. I’m highly allergic to about a million different things, and unfortunately that tends to send my immune system into overdrive… all it takes is one windy day and I’ll be suffering pnuemonia and a sinus infection for half the year. Since I can’t avoid it, I just plod along as best I can, complain because it gives me comfort, and sniffle my way through. So ignore the complaints if they bother you, and move along :3 No need for well-wishers, I promise I’ll be fine. I’m so used to being sick all the time that I can’t remember what healthy feels like. Like I said, I just complain cause it gives me comfort – I’m not actually dying a horrible painfully slow death.

Other than that… hrm.. I really haven’t done anything this week. Played a little Minecraft (yes, I’m an avid gamer), watched lots of youtube videos, and worked on my commission. That’s about it. No wonder this week seemed so slow.


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    • haha thank you. I don’t know why, but complaining when you’re sick just seems to make you feel better – even as it annoys other people. LOL I guess because it’s really the only thing you can do to combat the general awfulness that comes with being sick. You’re too tired and ill to do much else. haha


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