Book Review: Glimmer (Delaney’s Gift)

ImageTitle: Glimmer (IDelaney’s Gift)

Author: Amber Garza

Genre: YA Paranormal

Rating: 2 Stars



Description/Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Delaney Scott is not your typical teenager. She is one of ten Ekloge Warriors,born with the purpose of protecting the town of Edenly. Only it’s a duty she wants to shed like a pair of dirty, worn-out shoes.
However, a daring rescue alters Delaney’s life forever. Now there is no running from her calling, and things will never be the same again.
(This is a very short teaser story which includes the first three chapters of Dazzle, Book One in the Delaney’s Gift Series)


I have an unfortunately love-hate relationship with Glimmer. You see, when I downloaded it, Amazon listed it as a “novella” (not that I was paying attention), but it’s not a novella, it’s the first three chapters to an actual book. So going into this story, I wasn’t forewarned about what I would find.

That being said: I found it ridiculously short. (DUH – but I didn’t know that when I read it). I had trouble getting into the story right away; the story is written in first person present tense, which I absolutely loathe. I don’t mind first person POV (heck, I write in it), but there’s something about present tense that rubs me raw. I find it jolting enough that it pulls me out of the story… it just sounds so juvenile – and not in a good, appropriate for the character sort of way, but an inexperienced writer sort of way. Hopefully no one here feels particularly defensive about that type of writing, but I just don’t like it. Flat out.

I tried very hard to ignore it however, and continued to read. It wasn’t a great idea. Not knowing this was the first three chapters to a book, the plot seemed missing, the main character was constantly talking about things in her paranormal world that I didn’t understand and had never heard of… I just didn’t get it.

The writing wasn’t particularly engaging and there was nothing in those first three chapters that just… grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. As authors that’s one of the first things we’re taught: your writing should grab the audience from the very first paragraph and not let them up for air. If your readers have a hard time getting into the story or get bored with it, they aren’t going to get far. This book failed to do that to me.

I don’t think the premise for the book was bad, but it was a little cliche.  (Teen has visions of people dying just in time to save them). Usually I can look past that, but with the writing being less than stellar, I just didn’t feel the need to bother with the whole book. You may like this story more than I did, and if it sounds interesting to you, then by all means, go pick up the first three chapters while they’re free, but I won’t be recommending it.

P.S. Anyone else think it looks like the girl on the cover has a bunch of bruises on her arm? Or is that just me?